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The work of the Controller and Auditor-General is carried out by the Office of the Auditor-General, Audit New Zealand, and private sector auditing firms. Audit New Zealand is a stand-alone business unit with its own website.

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Nov 2017
New Zealand's health system supports nearly every New Zealander at some time in their life. As part of providing better services to New Zealanders, the Ministry of Health (the Ministry) is using emerging technology to help people use those services more easily. Patient portals are secure websites that allow people to access their personal health information and interact with their doctor....
May 2017
This report considers whether discharge planning is completed as intended, whether the needs identified are met after people leave hospital, and whether discharge planning is helping to improve outcomes for people.
Apr 2017
This report provides the results from the 2015/16 audits of the local government sector. Most of these audits were of regional and territorial local authorities and their subsidiary entities.
Feb 2017
This report considers the effectiveness of investment in tertiary education sector assets to support educational success. There is an opportunity for education agencies, tertiary education institutions, and other stakeholders to explore the measurement of the effectiveness of investments in assets, and the potential opportunities for more sector-based investment decisions. We hope that this...
Dec 2016
The key audit matters for 2016 are those that are complex, have a high degree of uncertainty, or are otherwise important to the public, such as the cost of rebuilding Canterbury. Accounting for and reporting on the above matters is not straightforward, not least because of the judgements, estimates, and assumptions underpinning the measurement of value. The key audit matters for 2016 relate to...
Oct 2016
Every child in New Zealand deserves to thrive physically, academically, socially, and culturally. However, too many Māori children are leaving school without the education they deserve. The number of Māori students is growing. By 2030, the proportion of children who are Māori is likely to increase to about 30%, and this growth is forecast to continue. Academic results for Māori students are...
Jun 2016
In 2012, we started a five-year programme of work to find out how well the education system supports Māori students to achieve their full potential. This third report looks at whether the Ministry of Education, education agencies, and schools use and manage information effectively and efficiently to improve educational success for Māori. We expected to see an education sector that collects,...
Jun 2016
In 2013, we published a report on a performance audit we carried out of how well the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (the Ministry), through Immigration New Zealand, and other agencies were supporting new migrants to settle and work in New Zealand. Our audit focused on the support available to new migrants in the two to five years after they arrive in New Zealand. We looked at...
Mar 2016
The theme for our 2014/15 work programme was Governance and accountability. Our dedication to transparency and accountability helps to make our country’s public sector management special. Public sector accountability is built on principles of transparency, integrity, and fairness. Accountability is critical to the trust between an individual and the State. Being accountable means public...
Dec 2015
This report sets out the results of my audit of the Financial Statements of the Government of New Zealand for the year ended 30 June 2015 (the Government's financial statements) and of carrying out the Controller function. Both are essential components of New Zealand's public financial management system. I am pleased to report that I have issued an unmodified audit opinion on the Government's...

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