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The work of the Controller and Auditor-General is carried out by the Office of the Auditor-General, Audit New Zealand, and private sector auditing firms. Audit New Zealand is a stand-alone business unit with its own website.

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Jun 2011
New Zealand will always have more patients than our publicly funded non-urgent medical and surgical services (scheduled/elective services) can cope with at any one time. Common scheduled services include treating cataracts; inserting grommets to fight recurring ear infections; replacing hip and knee joints; repairing hernias; and unblocking damaged blood vessels or arteries. New Zealand is not...
Apr 2011
The Auditor-General's office has been examining how well public entities manage the recovery of money owed to the Crown. In this context, this report looks at aspects of the social welfare benefits system administered by the Ministry of Social Development (the Ministry). Benefits are a major form of expenditure, and we wanted assurance that the Ministry was effectively managing the recovery of...
Mar 2011
 am pleased to present the second volume of our report on the results of our annual audits in the central government sector. This report provides some useful information about the results of our audits for 2009/10 of district health boards and other Crown entities. It also reports on the improving status of our audits of Māori Trust Boards. The 2009/10 year was a challenging year for many...
Mar 2011
As I finalise this report, Parliament’s immediate focus is on the safety and well-being of people in Christchurch. The tragedy of the 22 February earthquake has affected us all. Our thoughts are with those who are affected. The recent earthquake follows several major events, including the Canterbury earthquake of 4 September, the blizzard that affected Southland's farming community in spring,...
Dec 2010
he 2009/10 year has been a challenging one for many public entities. I am very aware that the global economic and financial crisis has focused the Government's attention on measures that can be taken to reduce public sector expenditure – while maintaining and improving core performance. The Government is focused on "delivering better, smarter public services for less". Entities are expected to...
Dec 2010
This is the ninth public report in 10 years by an Auditor-General about spending on parliamentary and ministerial support. This sort of public sector spending has many challenges and attracts a great deal of attention, both in New Zealand and internationally. I agreed to carry out the inquiry I report on here, because of the ongoing concerns raised about whether spending by Ministers was...
Sep 2010
Sometimes, an injury or worsening medical condition occurs when our general practitioner's practice is closed. If we, as patients or caregivers, are concerned that the injury or illness cannot wait until our general practitioner (GP) is next available, we need to be able to get to an after-hours primary health care service (after-hours service) regardless of where we live. The public...
Jul 2010
The Inland Revenue Department (Inland Revenue) is responsible under the Child Support Act 1991 (the Act) for making sure that parents take financial responsibility for their children when a relationship ends and the parents are unable to come to a voluntary arrangement for child support payments. Inland Revenue's role includes collecting money that is paid to the parents with whom the children...
Jun 2010
This is our report on the 2008/09 audits of the local government sector. Most of these audits were of regional and territorial local authorities and their subsidiary entities. This report also covers aspects of the energy sector, with a continued focus on electricity line businesses, and the airport sector. The local government sector is now well used to reporting under the requirements of the...
Mar 2010
On 2 March 2010, the Auditor-General, Lyn Provost, released terms of reference for an inquiry into certain types of expenditure in Vote Ministerial Services that provide or have the potential to provide private benefit to a Minister. The inquiry was initiated by the Auditor-General after separate requests from the Prime Minister, Mr Phil Heatley MP, and the Department of Internal Affairs. This...

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