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The Department of Corrections works to make New Zealand a better, safer place by:protecting the public from those who can cause harmreducing re-offending. Each week we manage 8,500 people in prisons and 30,000 offenders in our communities. Our 8,000 staff are committed to supporting offenders to help them address their offending and gain skills that will help them lead a crime-free life.

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Nov 2017
Editorial - Stephen Cunningham Addressing the imbalance: Enhancing women's opportunities to build offence free lives through gender responsivity - Hannah McGlue Collaborative, relational and responsive: Principles for the case management of women in prison - Marianne Bevan Methamphetamine use disorders among New Zealand prisoners - Jill Bowman Strengthening continuity of care:...
Jul 2017
Editorial - Dr Peter Johnston What works in correctional rehabilitation? Lessons from 15 years of programme outcomes analysis - Dr Peter Johnston New Zealand prisoners' prior exposure to trauma - Marianne Bevan Treating sexual offenders who categorically deny their offending - Jimmie Fourie Corrections officer wellbeing: Training challenges and opportunities - Justin S. Trounson and Jeffrey E...
Dec 2016
Editorial - Changing practice; changing lives This edition focuses on some key pieces of work being led by Corrections as well as initiatives being jointly led with other organisations, for example in the employment space and the family violence sector. There are a number of articles that give us insight in to how much we have achieved over the last five years, in particular our Director...
15 Aug 2016
The New Zealand Department of Corrections is in an enviable position internationally to deliver a world-leading correctional system. We have a clear understanding of our offender population and a strong connection to other agencies. We have a well-established evidence base that we use to shape our policies and to understand what works. We are small enough to innovate, and work within a public...
Jun 2016
A study of New Zealand prisoners conducted by the Department of Corrections in 1999 showed that up to 70 percent had drug and/or alcohol problems and a significant proportion had various mental health issues. However, that research didn’t consider the co-existence of mental health issues and drug/alcohol  problems, which overseas studies have identified as significant among prisoners....
Nov 2015
This research was focused on the narratives of a group of women in New Zealand who had served sentences managed by the Department of Corrections, had received some form of rehabilitation, but nevertheless had re-offended. It sought to understand what women thought were important factors driving their re-offending, and how approaches to rehabilitative assistance could be improved to support...
13 Apr 2015
Contents Editorial- Darius Fagan Desistance from crime: A review of the literature - Marianne Bevan Discovering desistance: Reconfiguring criminal justice? - Fergus McNeill, Stephen Farrall, Claire Lightowler and Shadd Maruna Lessons from research into youth desistance - Jill Bowman The role of release planning in the reintegration experiences of high-risk offenders - Sophie R...
8 Dec 2014
Volume 2 Issue 3 of Practice: The New Zealand Corrections Journal focuses on Collaboration and Partnerships and includes: Editorial - Ben Clark Custodial / case management practice collaboration in a custodial environment - Sarah Symonds, Neil Beales Collaborating at the frontline – the Frontline Flagships Programme - Karin Schofield Addressing the Drivers of Crime – increasing access...
13 Oct 2014
Offender Population Reports are now being supplemented with Special Topic Reports, which focus on particular sub-groups of the offender population.  These reports are intended to give a more fine-grained analysis of the characteristics of selected sub-groups. Like the main report, the topical reports are intended as a general statistical resource, primarily to build knowledge and...
Aug 2014
Volume 2 Issue 2 of Practice: The New Zealand Corrections Journal focuses on Motivational Interviewing and includes: Editorial - Nikki Reynolds, Chief Psychologist Motivational Interviewing: A useful skill for correctional staff? - Dr Eileen Britt (PhD, PGDipClinPsych, MSocSci, BSc) Motivational Interviewing and the bigger picture: Where is MI now? - Helen Mentha, Joel Porter The...

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