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The Department of Corrections works to make New Zealand a better, safer place by:protecting the public from those who can cause harmreducing re-offending. Each week we manage 8,500 people in prisons and 30,000 offenders in our communities. Our 8,000 staff are committed to supporting offenders to help them address their offending and gain skills that will help them lead a crime-free life.

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Mar 2007
This report summarises patterns of reconviction amongst almost 5000 offenders who were released from prison over a twelve-month period in 2002/03. It reveals important differences in the post-release re-offending behaviour of different sub-groups of offenders. Offender characteristics such as age (at time of release), gender, ethnicity, offence type, length of the prison sentence, and risk level...
Mar 2006
The project was initiated by the National Corrections Advisory Group (NCAG) in response to Corrective Services Administrators’ interest in more in-depth benchmarking analyses than is possible through the annual statistical collection process for the Report on Government Services (RoGS). An independent consultant was contracted in 2005 to undertake a comparative study of home detention programs...
Sep 2005
The Department of Corrections has recognised that women offenders have specific needs, prompting the development of policies on security classification of female offenders (Department of Corrections, 2002) and enhancing the effectiveness of offender management for women offenders (Department of Corrections, 2003a). In the latter framework, women child sex offenders and serious violent offenders...
Feb 2004
Achieving Effective Outcomes in Youth Justice is a cross-departmental research project aimed at identifying factors associated with effective outcomes in the youth justice system and assessing the extent to which the goals of the Children, Youth Persons and Their Families Act 1989 are being met. The research confirms the importance of: providing early intervention building positive...

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