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ERO reviews schools and early childhood education services, and publishes national reports on current education practice.

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Oct 2013
This national report dicusses how effectively 147 early childhood services used Equity Funding and the extent to which the Equity Funding objectives of participation and quality in early childhood services were achieved.
Oct 2013
This national report is about how effectively 15 Pacific early childhood services used Equity Funding to increase Pacific children's participation and support them to develop their language, culture and identity.
Nov 2010
KiwiSport is a government initiative established in 2009 to increase opportunities for school-aged children to participate in organised sport. This report presents the findings of a questionnaire ERO gave to schools about the impact of KiwiSport funding.
Jan 2008
International education is socially and economically important to New Zealand. The Ministry of Education publication, The International Education Agenda, A Strategy for 2007-2012 provides a framework for international education providers, including schools, and identifies priority areas for government action. Goal 2 of the strategy and its key outcomes are the most relevant for New Zealand...
Jul 2007
This evaluation was carried out by the Education Review Office under contract to the Ministry of Education in 2004.The School Staffing Review Group reported to the Government in February 2001. The recommendations of the Review Group targeted two key goals: to improve the capacity of schools to deliver quality education; and to alleviate problems associated with teacher workload. The Government...
Jun 2007
These earlier reports should be used for historical perspective – many of our more recent reports replace these and are more current and up to date. During 2005 and 2006 ERO investigated schools’ use of operational funding. The findings from these evaluations have been presented in two reports. ERO’s first report, Schools’ Use of Operational Funding, December 2006, was about school income and...
Feb 2007
This report presents a national evaluation of Teen Parent Units (TPUs). TPUs are education services, usually connected to a secondary school, that provide education for school students who have had to leave mainstream education because they were pregnant or had given birth. "Teenage parents have been identified as a category of secondary students who may experience difficulties accessing...
Feb 2007
Social Studies in the New Zealand Curriculum is one of seven curriculum statements covering the essential learning areas of the New Zealand curriculum. Through social studies, students are encouraged to investigate social issues, make decisions, work as part of a group, and understand their identity, history, land and society. ERO evaluated the quality of teaching of social studies at Year 4...

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