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ERO reviews schools and early childhood education services, and publishes national reports on current education practice.

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Oct 2016
This retrospective study synthesises findings from 17 national reports about curriculum implementation in early learning services, published over the last 10 years. While the national evaluations over this time have not covered every aspect of early childhood curriculum, they provide an insight and consistent messages about how effectively services are designing, implementing and evaluating...
Sep 2016
Until recently children with behavioural and social needs were referred to and attended one of six health camps situated across New Zealand. Each of the six health camps had an associated school attached. In 2008 ERO evaluated the quality of provisions for children at the health camps and identified significant areas that needed to improve. ERO recommended that the Ministry of Education...
30 May 2016
ERO evaluated how well 35 secondary schools were using Vocational Pathways. While most schools knew about and were using the pathways, they were not fully realising the initiative’s potential. Vocational Pathways can be a valued part of a school’s curriculum for all students when used as more than just an add-on to careers education or course selection processes.  
Dec 2015
In 2015,ERO investigated target setting in both primary and secondary schools. We focused on the extent to which targeted actions of schools supported accelerated progress for students at risk of not achieving.
Jul 2015
This report highlights the crucial role of leaders in Pacific early childhood services to manage changes that improve learning outcomes for Pacific children. Other leaders may find this report useful when considering improvement-focused changes in their centres. ERO evaluated eight Pacific services with good leadership practices that offered an education curriculum in a Pacific language, were...
May 2015
The report focuses on good practice and showcases 10 secondary schools with high quality careers education. It identifies factors that contribute to high quality careers education and guidance in New Zealand secondary schools.
Feb 2015
Children at many schools in New Zealand experience bullying. The Bullying Prevention Advisory Group, set up by the Secretary for Education, has developed a resource called Bullying prevention and response: A guide for schools. ERO asked 129 schools reviewed during Term 3, 2014 about their use of the guide Most schools were aware of the resource and more than a third had used it. Schools most...
Feb 2015
This report documents the findings of ERO's evaluation of how well 159 primary schools reviewed in Term 1 2014 promoted and responded to student wellbeing.
Feb 2015
This report presents the findings of ERO’s evaluation of how well 68 secondary schools in Term 1 2014 promoted and responded to student wellbeing.
This report looks at how well New Zealand early childhood services and schools are supporting transitions to school and highlights what's important and examples of good practice.

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