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ERO reviews schools and early childhood education services, and publishes national reports on current education practice.

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Aug 2012
This report is a synthesis of findings from a wide range of evaluations carried out over recent years by the Education Review Office (ERO). As well as undertaking education reviews of schools and early childhood services, ERO produces system-wide evaluative information on significant educational issues, and publishes national evaluation reports on education sector performance and good practice...
Jul 2012
Years 9 and 10 are vital years in students’ schooling. It is in these years that students build on and consolidate their learning from the primary school years, and lay the foundation for their future success in the senior secondary school, and their postsecondary lives. In this report ERO evaluates how effectively schools use literacy and mathematics achievement information to improve learning...
Sep 2010
These earlier reports should be used for historical perspective – many of our more recent reports replace these and are more current and up to date. This report discusses the quality of education at seven schools located in Child Youth and Family (CYF) residences. These residences accommodate the most challenging and vulnerable children and young people in New Zealand. The residences include...
Feb 2008
ERO evaluated the quality of pandemic planning in 230 schools (nearly a tenth of all state schools in New Zealand) during Terms 2 and 3, 2007. Information for this evaluation was collected in the course of the schools' regular education reviews. ERO investigated how prepared schools were for a potential influenza pandemic, and identified specific actions schols have taken to prepare for a...