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ERO reviews schools and early childhood education services, and publishes national reports on current education practice.

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Jul 2015
This report highlights the crucial role of leaders in Pacific early childhood services to manage changes that improve learning outcomes for Pacific children. Other leaders may find this report useful when considering improvement-focused changes in their centres. ERO evaluated eight Pacific services with good leadership practices that offered an education curriculum in a Pacific language, were...
Jul 2014
The Pacific Adolescent Career Pathways project is, to date, the largest and only Pacific-specific longitudinal study designed to explore and address information gaps on the formative years of Pacific adolescent career planning. The project will follow a group of over 900 Pacific students from 27 secondary schools across New Zealand over three years from Years 9 – 11.
Nov 2013
This report discusses secondary schools where Pacific learners are achieving at or above the national norms for all students. It includes details of initiatives and good practice and how these work together to get great results.
Oct 2013
This national report is about how effectively 15 Pacific early childhood services used Equity Funding to increase Pacific children's participation and support them to develop their language, culture and identity.
May 2012
The vision in the New Zealand Government’s Pasifika Education Plan 2009 – 2012 is that "the education system must work for Pasifika so they gain the knowledge and skills necessary to do well for themselves, their communities, Aotearoa New Zealand, the Pacific region and the world."  As part of a young, diverse and growing population, Pacific students’ progress, engagement and achievement...
Jun 2010
As part of every school’s education review, the Education Review Office (ERO) investigates and reports on the achievement of Pacific students and what boards of trustees and school leaders have done to improve education outcomes for these students. This is the second of two evaluations on the achievement, engagement and presence of Pacific students’. In the September 2009 report Progress in...
Sep 2009
The Pasifika Education Plan 2009-2012 highlights the need to accelerate achievement in early literacy and numeracy, and the attainment of school qualifications through students’ presence, engagement and achievement at school. In other words, Pacific students need to be at school in order to be able to learn (presence); they need to be motivated and active participants in their learning (...
Feb 2007
In New Zealand, many early childhood education services offer programmes that are aligned to particular educational philosophies, cultural identities or religions. When parents are choosing an early childhood service for their child, they may want to know about services with a special character. The Education Review Office (ERO) reviews all licensed early childhood services every three years...

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