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Apr 2015
This report analyses complaints made to the Health and Disability Commissioner in the last decade to investigate issues concerning delayed diagnosis of cancer by general practitioners (GPs) in New Zealand. During that period, 243 GPs were complained about in relation to this issue, with the number per year increasing significantly over that time. While this is consistent with general complaint...
Aug 2014
The past three decades have been a period of increasing investment and significant improvement in mental health and addiction (MH&A) services in order to better support the recovery of people with serious mental health and addiction problems, and their family/whānau in the community. In recent years, during a new period of resource constraint, District Health Boards (DHBs) have been...
Jun 2012
The vision of the Mental Health Commission (MHC) is to improve mental health and wellbeing for all New Zealanders, with a focus on the overall response of society to wellbeing and on the services for people experiencing mental illness. This National Indicators report is an updated version of the first National Indicators report published in 2011. It provides a range of cross-sectoral...
Feb 2012
This brief review has been undertaken to support the Ministry of Health and Mental Health Commission in developing the Service Development Plan over 20011/12. The objectives of the review are to explore: a summary of evaluations of New Zealand examples of innovative services  an appraisal of service delivery options that can be applied across the continuum of care. The review...
Jan 2012
The value of service user involvement in mental health is widely accepted, reflected in our national mental health standards and increasingly well supported in practice.  All District Health Boards (DHBs) and many non-government organisations (NGOs) employ consumer advisors.  Service user roles are vital to the sector.  They merit optimum resourcing, training and support. ...
Oct 2011
In its Statement of Intent 2009-2012 the Mental Health Commission (the Commission) identified that one of its 2009/10 projects would be to develop a „DHB Recovery Report Card‟. In the first year views of services user, family and professional groups were to be incorporated into the development of a recovery report card. The card was to be piloted in 2010/11 and implemented in 2011/12. This...
Sep 2011
The purpose of this report is to influence funders and planners to direct funds to achieve not only wellbeing for children and young people but also to reduce long-term mental health and addiction costs. A brief literature review on prevention in mental health in New Zealand and internationally was undertaken. This identified that emotional and behavioural disturbances in children and young...
Sep 2011
Discrimination is one of the biggest barriers to recovery for people with experience of mental illness or addiction. British and New Zealand research has shown that people with experience of mental illness report discrimination in all aspects of their lives, from employment and housing to discrimination from friends, family and the community as well as from those providing mental health services...
Aug 2011
The purpose of this report is to examine the need for mental health and addiction services among children and youth and to assess how well their needs are currently being met. Mental health problems, substance use and self-harm are common among young people. Many mental disorders begin in adolescence, and disorders are more prevalent in this age group than among adults. Many people with mental...
May 2011
In the current difficult economic environment, all government entities are being asked to be more prudent and innovative. In health, our goal is to find solutions that are better, sooner and more convenient. It is in this spirit that I am pleased to present this report, National Indicators 2011. Good decisions need to be evidence-based. In the past, the Commission has relied on an ad hoc...

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