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HPA leads and delivers innovative, high quality and cost-effective programmes that:

  • promote health, wellbeing and healthy lifestyles
  • prevent disease, illness and injury
  • enable environments that support health and wellbeing and healthy lifestyles reduce personal, social and economic harm.

It also undertakes functions specific to providing advice and research on alcohol issues.

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Jul 2017
Topics: Research, Gambling
This report uses data from the 2014 HLS to assess experience, knowledge and opinions about gambling harm among New Zealand adults, both overall and among different social and population groups (as defined by gender, ethnicity, neighbourhood deprivation level, risk of gambling harm, type of gambling participation, and number of gambling activities participated in over the past 12 months). Where...
Jun 2017
This report presents descriptive results about New Zealanders’ attitudes to drinking alcohol during pregnancy. The data are from the Attitudes and Behaviour towards Alcohol Survey (ABAS), which is a national survey of people aged 15 years and over about alcohol consumption patterns, alcohol-related behaviour, consequences of consuming alcohol, and attitudes. 
Jun 2017
This is a methods report for the combination of three survey datasets. The 2015 and 2016 New Zealand Mental Health Survey (NZMHS) and the 2016 Health and Lifestyles Survey (HLS) datasets were pooled in order to allow researchers to analyse itemsrelated to mental health for small sub-population groups, such as subgroups of Pacific peoples or Māori.
Apr 2017
This analysis uses the 2016 Health and Lifestyles Survey (HLS) dataset. Publications for this survey, including the method report and questionnaire, are still in development and are not yet publically available.These preliminary results should be treated with caution. Final results may differ slightly. A comprehensive analysis of the responses is underway and will include specific context...
Feb 2017
Topics: Research
This research was commissioned as part of a larger project looking to understand parents’ attitudes and approaches towards supplying alcohol to their teenagers aged under 18 years. 
Jan 2017
This report presents findings from the 2016 follow up survey and compares them to the baseline survey completed in 2015 which assessed consumers’ awareness, recognition, understanding, and correct use of the Health Star Rating prior to the launch of the consumer campaign. 
Jan 2017
Alcohol Off-license Purchases and subsequent Harm: Technical Report - The research was undertaken to understand the trends and patterns related to off-licence alcohol purchasing in Wellington, as well as the subsequent alcohol-related harms that occur. The findings provide a snapshot of behaviours that may provide contextual information for local governments in developing their Local Alcohol...
Jan 2017
This research examines the relationship between alcohol outlets and social harm measured by Police activity and road traffic crashes. The analysis uses a longitudinal panel data set for the period 2007-2014 covering all of New Zealand. This version 2 report includes a small number of corrections to the original report released in November 2016. 
Dec 2016
The New Zealand Mental Health Survey (NZMHS) is a nationally-representative survey of New Zealand adults aged 15 years and over, aimed at providing regular and robust quantitative data on key mental health issues in New Zealand. The NZMHS is managed by the Health Promotion Agency (HPA) and aims to assess depression rates, monitor community-based stigma towards those suffering mental distress,...
Nov 2016
This report presents descriptive results about the alcohol-related behaviours, attitudes and experiences of people aged 15 years and over living in Auckland.

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