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HPA leads and delivers innovative, high quality and cost-effective programmes that:

  • promote health, wellbeing and healthy lifestyles
  • prevent disease, illness and injury
  • enable environments that support health and wellbeing and healthy lifestyles reduce personal, social and economic harm.

It also undertakes functions specific to providing advice and research on alcohol issues.

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28 Oct 2016
This research report outlines the findings of an online survey of consumers to assess the effectiveness of the current voluntary pregnancy warnings on alcohol containers. Undertaken in June 2016, the survey focused on awareness and recall of labels, understanding the message of labels and impact on behaviours.
14 Oct 2016
In 2016 the AUT Centre for eHealth completed a review of the online self management tool The Journal and the
Oct 2016
The Health Promotion Agency undertakes the Sun Exposure Survey every three years. The purpose of this ongoing research is to collect consistent information on attitudes and behaviours towards sun exposure, to facilitate comparison with historical survey data, and to inform future decision making in the sun safety and skin cancer prevention sector.
13 Sep 2016
The Primary Care Demonstration Programme was designed and implemented by Odyssey in 2014. It seeks to demonstrate how the broader addiction intervention system (including AOD treatment services and primary care providers) can work more effectively to intervene early with a specific focus on population groups experiencing the greatest burden of AOD related harm and unequal access to help.
28 Jun 2016
In 2014-15, more than half (57%) of all 15 to 17-year-olds consumed alcohol in the past year (Ministry of Health, 2015). Alcohol consumption in people under the age of 18 years is associated with an increased risk of accidents, injuries, and risky and anti-social behaviours, compared with older drinkers (National Health and Medical Research Council, 2009). The Health Promotion Agency’s (HPA’s...
May 2016
Parental attitudes and behaviour towards alcohol are important factors that influence adolescent attitudes and decisions about alcohol use (Hingson & White, 2014). Parental monitoring and involvement is strongly associated with protective effects on adolescent alcohol use (Hayes, Smart, Toumbourou & Sanson, 2004; White, Walton & Walker, 2015). In New Zealand in 2012, over half (54%)...
May 2016
The purpose of this report is to add to current knowledge around postnatal depression (PND) in New Zealand by providing an indication of PND prevalence as well as an overview of the social and life experiences, as well as help-seeking knowledge and attitudes, of women who might be experiencing PND. To this end, the current report uses data from the New Mothers’ Mental Health Survey (NMMHS), a...
Mar 2016
The HPA’s Attitudes and Behaviour towards Alcohol Survey (ABAS) monitors New Zealanders’ behaviour and attitudes towards alcohol, including alcohol consumption in the past month. This factsheet examines 15 to 17-year-olds’ alcohol use.
Mar 2016
In 2013/14, one in five (20%) New Zealanders aged 15 years or more who drank alcohol in the past year reported a potentially hazardous alcohol consumption pattern (Ministry of Health, 2014). However, a smaller minority reported having sought or received help to reduce their level of alcohol use (Ministry of Health 2014). Drinkers may experience a range of harms from drinking, with the most common...
Mar 2016
This fact sheet reports on New Zealand adults’ experiences and expectations relating to behaviour and pressures in drinking environments.

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