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The Health Quality & Safety Commission was established under the New Zealand Public Health & Disability Amendment Act 2010 to ensure all New Zealanders receive the best health and disability care within our available resources.

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22 Dec 2017
Topics: Research, Healthcare
This is a first annual report of responses to the primary care patient experience survey. It focuses on what priorities for improvement come from the results. Results are set out at a national level with reference to inter-PHO (primary health organisation) variation; variation between different ethnic, age and patient groups; and by inter-practice variation.
Sep 2017
Between October 2017 and June 2018, the Commission worked with six early implementation sites to make improvements to their systems through testing the national vital signs chart, New Zealand early warning score and other tools and guidance. 
Aug 2017
The Health Quality & Safety Commission commissioned Ko Awatea, an innovation and improvement centre, to deliver a co-design programme to nine teams of health care providers. The co-design programme was part of Partners in Care, a broader programme developed in 2012 to support and enable patient engagement and participation across the health and disability sector. Teams received training,...
Jul 2017
In this paper the Health Quality & Safety Commission explore health quality and equity in New Zealand. Further, this paper sets the scene for a shift in the Health Quality & Safety Commission’s (the Commission’s) strategic priorities, to include equity as one of four new areas of focus. Finally, it puts forward a blueprint for how equity could be achieved as part of continuous QI in...
31 May 2017
Topics: Research, Healthcare
Raising the Bar on the National Patient Experience Survey responds to the national inpatient experience survey results by investigating the lower scoring areas of the survey and recommending interventions to improve these results. Four DHBs participated and provided opportunities for staff and patients to explore the reasons behind the responses to information about medication side effects and...
29 Mar 2017
The Health Quality & Safety Commission and Health Workforce New Zealand recently commissioned an independent evaluation of the advance care planning programme and training. The purpose of this evaluation is to inform the five-year strategic plan for ACP.
16 Aug 2016
The Reducing Harm from Falls Programme is a national programme led by the Health Quality & Safety Commission. The programme was established in mid-2012 and was one of the first focus areas of the national patient safety campaign Open for better care. The New Zealand Triple Aim was one of the programme’s founding principles.  In November 2015, Synergia was commissioned to evaluate...
Jun 2016
Topics: Research, Healthcare
This paper provides a ‘snapshot’ of current practice in the recognition and management of the deteriorating adult inpatient in New Zealand. It also includes health sector views on emerging themes from international literature.
Jun 2016
To inform a scheduled review of the National Reportable Events Policy, the health Quality & Safety Commission has conducted a brief scan of overseas literature on patient safety reporting systems. This report summaries the literature review findings. This report provides the context for findings on best-practice and overseas approaches by giving a brief history of PSRS (Section 3),...
23 May 2016
The Health Quality & Safety Commission’s in-hospital patient experience survey was implemented on 1 July 2014. Since the survey began, there are three questions which consistently rate lower than others. In early 2016, the Commission undertook qualitative analysis of comments in the quarterly survey results for August and November 2015, to get a better understanding of why those three...

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