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Inland Revenue plays a critical role in improving the economic and social wellbeing of New Zealanders. Inland Revenue collects 85% of the Crown's revenue as well as collecting and disbursing social support programme payments and providing the government with policy advice.

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Jul 2017
This discussion document explores some proposals for improving the way social policy entitlements and obligations are administered by Inland Revenue. These entitlement and obligation payments are: Working for Families Tax Credits; child support; student loan repayments; and KiwiSaver. The focus here is not on changing the fundamental policy settings. Rather, this document focuses...
May 2016
This study was undertaken to get a deeper understanding of the business community’ views. We explored how the business community’s attitudes differ depending on whether IR shares information with government or non-government organisations. We also explored how the type of information being shared and the aim of the information sharing affect these opinions.
Dec 2015
The Student Loan Scheme Annual Report has been tabled in Parliament each year since 2001 and provides public accountability information to government and New Zealanders to show that the scheme is achieving its primary objective – ensuring that tertiary education is financially attainable to all New Zealanders. Each report provides information on the loan scheme and its performance, as well as...
Feb 2015
The kiwiSaver Evaluation series is part of the programme of reporting, agreed to by Ministers at the outset of the evaluation, which is intended to provide regular performance-related information on KiwiSaver. The objectives of the evaluation are to: · Assess the early implementation and delivery of KiwiSaver to inform on-going development and service delivery; · Assess whether KiwiSaver’s...
Nov 2014
The following reports cover the SME tax compliance costs for small and medium size enterprises.
Aug 2014
These studies will help Inland Revenue better understand how an adverse event can affect long-term tax debt and the impact on attitudes and behaviours around paying tax.
Aug 2013
This research project was conducted to explore the attitudinal differences for Māori and Pasifika peoples towards increased information sharing between government agencies. Participants from the Asian community were also included, as this is the other major non-European cultural group in New Zealand.
Jun 2013
This literature review was commissioned to find out what’s already known about migrant businesses. This will help Inland Revenue identify gaps in this knowledge so that we can better meet the needs of migrant businesses and make it easier for them to interact with us. The review draws on information already published on the topic. It does not contain any new research undertaken by Inland Revenue...
Jun 2013
This report presents the findings of Inland Revenue commissioned research to gather the views of owners of small and medium businesses on Inland Revenue sharing information about individual businesses with other government departments and the perceived 'risks' and 'unintended consequences' resulting from this.
Nov 2012
Our Research and Evaluation Unit has released a study that explores the potential impact on the integrity of the tax system of sharing taxpayer information with other government departments to identify, stop, or disrupt serious crime.

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