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NZCER is Aotearoa New Zealand’s independent, statutory education research and development organisation established in 1934. The NZCER Act 1972 requires the organisation to carry out and disseminate education research and provide information and advice.  We conduct research and evaluation work with a range of public and private sector clients. We also produce research-based products such as tests, journals, books and services such as online testing, surveys, test marking and analysis.

Our revenue comes from a  government grant, from contestable research contracts and from sales of our products and services. The government grant, which amounts to about 15 percent of our total income, enables us to build a coherent, future-focused research programme that complements and enhances our contract work. We bid for work that aligns with our areas of expertise and that we believe will inform and support learning and the work of teachers.

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This study was carried out to identify the aspirations and concerns of Maori parents/whanau regarding their children’s education, identify issues of Maori parents’/whanau participation and non-participation in their child’s education, and develop strategies to address concerns and issues, so that gaps between home and school could be positively addressed by Maori parents/whanau, teachers,...
This small-scale, exploratory study was designed to include around 6 families from each of 5 ethnic groups (Cook Islands, Niue, Samoan, Tokelauan, and Tongan). The intention was to provide an account of the experiences of children, parents, and teachers focusing on language and other aspects of children's move from Pacific Islands early childhood centres into English-language primary schools....
This report gives the findings of the sixth survey on the impact of New Zealand education reforms since 1989, and compares them with earlier findings. Principals, trustees, parents, and teachers from a new sample of 350 schools answered comprehensive questionnaires about the impact of the reforms. Some major findings are summarised below. Overall, while the reforms brought some positive gains...
Nov 1997
This study describes maternal labour market participation and childcare use in Australia, Sweden, and the United Kingdom, in the context of government support for childcare, and other social/economic policies such as benefits and taxation. While maternal labour market participation in all three countries has increased markedly since the 1960s, each of the three countries in this study has a...
Immersion education plays a distinct role in language and cultural revitalisation of Māori and other indigenous peoples. This book summarises research findings on the benefits of immersion education for Māori, their whānau, and their communities.

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