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Jun 2013
Housing affordability has been a topic of much interest in New Zealand over recent years with the median house price increasing by over 50% between 2004 and 2008. The aim of this paper is to inform debate by drawing out evidence from two surveys: the Household Economic Survey (HES); and the Survey of Family, Income and Employment (SoFIE). In particular, the paper examines how patterns of...
May 2013
The Commission has been asked to identify opportunities for both central and local government to improve the regulatory performance of local government. This includes regulation-making processes, appropriate principles for the allocation of regulatory roles between central and local government, and better ways to assess the regulatory performance of local government. The Commission has carried...
Mar 2013
This paper examines various de facto measures of the extent of economic integration between New Zealand and Australia. The range of measures considered indicates that significant progress has been made towards achieving a single market across the Tasman. In particular, business cycles have become more synchronised and price changes for the same goods are strongly correlated across the two...
Mar 2013
This research note estimates the impact of Auckland’s Metropolitan Urban Limit (MUL) on land values in the greater Auckland region. Building on the work of Grimes and Liang (2009), it uses a quantile regression to assess the impact of the MUL on land prices by decile. This allows the impact of the MUL to be assessed in terms of both the central tendency (e.g. median) and the dispersion (e.g....
Nov 2012
The year 2013 marks the 30th anniversary of the historic Closer Economic Relations (CER) agreement between Australia and New Zealand. The close relationship goes back much further, with people moving freely across the Tasman since colonial times. Integration has increased over the past three decades, with trade, investment and people movement yielding benefits for both countries. Personal ties...
Apr 2012
New Zealand importers and exporters spend about $5 billion on freight services each year. These services provide essential connections between New Zealand and the international economy – allowing New Zealand products to be exported to markets all over the world and allowing New Zealand businesses and consumers access to a wide range of imported goods, equipment and materials. The Commission...
Mar 2012
The Government has asked the Commission to evaluate the factors influencing the affordability of housing in New Zealand (both rental and owner-occupied) and to examine potential opportunities to increase affordability. The context of this inquiry is the recognition that stability of the home environment is important for social cohesion and family stability. There is a concern that real (...

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