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New Zealand Police is the lead agency responsible for reducing crime and enhancing community safety. With nearly 12,000 staff, we provide policing services 24 hours a day and function from 371 community-based police stations around the country.

We operate by land, sea and air, and respond to more than 600,000 emergency 111 calls each year.

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Feb 2004
Achieving Effective Outcomes in Youth Justice is a cross-departmental research project aimed at identifying factors associated with effective outcomes in the youth justice system and assessing the extent to which the goals of the Children, Youth Persons and Their Families Act 1989 are being met. The research confirms the importance of: providing early intervention building positive...
Jan 2010
with: NZ Police
This study looks at the prevalence of drug use by drivers on New Zealand roads.  The driving populations considered are biased populations and the  results that have been obtained can be considered only as indicators of possible drug use in the wider driving population.      The driving populations considered in this study are:  Sample one:...
May 2008
with: NZ Police
This report responds to a request by New Zealand Police to produce two literature reviews on the barriers to the recruitment of (i) women, and (ii) Māori, Pacific and ethnic groups. It has been prepared by the Crime and Justice Research Centre (CJRC) in collaboration with the Institute of Criminology. The purpose of the literature reviews is to provide a fuller picture from the literature of...
Feb 2010
with: NZ Police
A long established principle is that the police service ought to mirror the ethnic profile of the wider population in order to secure and maintain public confidence and police legitimacy. A key goal for New Zealand Police (NZP) is to achieve equity and diversity in their workforce. This research focuses on exploring factors that influence Māori to apply to and join Police. The objectives of...
Apr 2000
Topics: Research, Māori
In 1997 NZ Police and Te Puni Kōkiri commissioned research from Victoria Link on Perceptions of Māori and Police. This research comprised two complimentary but separate components.  The first, Māori Perceptions of the Police by Pania Te Whaiti and Michel Roguski from He Parekerekere, sought information on Māori attitudes towards the police; and the second, Police Perceptions of Māori by...
Dec 2013
with: NZ Police
This report aims to assess the traffic crash risk over the Christmas/New Year holiday period (henceforth referred to as the Christmas holiday period) 2013/14. The analysis in this report compares data from previous Christmas holiday periods against year round results based on a daily average, using the full days around the holiday period. The date range is primarily from 2008/09 to 2012/...
with: NZ Police
The Citizens' Satisfaction Survey reports present survey results and comparisons to those from previous waves of results. Key areas of interest are citizens' levels of trust and confidence in the New Zealand Police and levels of satisfaction with New Zealand Police services, for those citizens who have used them. The research reports from 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015 are prepared...
Apr 2007
with: NZ Police
This report provides an overview of information related to the dismantling of clan labs by New Zealand Police during the 2006 calendar year.  'Official' clan lab recording began in 1996. A single clan lab was dismantled in that year. Since then, clan lab numbers have increased significantly with around 200 labs being located each year since 2003.   February 2006 saw the detection...
12 May 2005
with: NZ Police
The operational effectiveness and efficiency of the New Zealand Police Communications Centres Service Centre (CCSC) have been questioned following a number of high profile incidents. As a result of incidents in late 2004, the Commissioner of Police decided to assemble an independent, external Review Panel. The Panel was composed of senior police communications experts from Australia, Wales and...
Dec 2009
with: NZ Police
A refreshed national community policing initiative is being implemented by New Zealand Police in accordance with the NZ Police strategic goal of community reassurance. Over the years 2006/7 to 2008/9 250 new positions were allocated to community policing. NZ Police and Government needed to be informed of the effectiveness of this significant new investment and existing Community Policing...

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