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Jan 2010
We worked with child, young people, and organisations to explore poverty and how it affects children and young people. The result is this collection of photos, poems, artwork and stories.
Aug 2008
This report includes a series of proposals for reducing child poverty – some are broad, long-term preventative measures, while others are specific and short term.
May 2013
This paper discusses the evidence for a Government-supported framework and how Government might partner with others. It includes a possible framework for strengthening food in school provision.
22 Sep 2017
Culture is an important part of who we all are. It gives us a sense of belonging, that others share our values and beliefs, to know who we are and where we come from. Culture includes all the customs, practices, languages, values and world views that define our social groups – whether those are based on nationality, ethnicity, region or common interests. We know cultural identity is...
Nov 2014
This is the second year of the Child Poverty Monitor and this Technical Report provides data on a set of indicators that assess aspects of child poverty in New Zealand and their implications for child wellbeing. This work is supported by the partnership between the Office of the Children’s Commissioner, the University of Otago’s New Zealand Child and Youth Epidemiology Service (NZCYES) and the J...
Dec 2015
The Child Poverty Monitor and this Technical Report provide data on a set of indicators that assess aspects of child poverty in New Zealand and their implications for child wellbeing. In it are data on income and non-income measures of poverty, including measures that reflect increasing levels of severity. Other data include indicators related to health, living conditions, education, and a...
Jun 2009
The review brings together the findings of international studies. The main finding is that young children who experience serious injury or death come from a small group within the population.
Aug 2012
The Children’s Commissioner established an Expert Advisory Group to deliver a significant research-based advocacy programme in 2011-12.  This group (the EAG) released a report: Solutions to child poverty – evidence for action which was based on a number of working papers (research reviews) developed by the EAG and the secretariat at the Office of the Children’s Commissioner. The working...

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