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The Social Investment Agency (SIA) is responsible for supporting the social sector to take a social investment approach and to help those social sector organisations deliver the right services to New Zealanders in need, at the time it will help them the most.

Social investment is about improving the lives of all New Zealanders by applying rigourous evidence-based investment practices to social sector interventions. This evidence better equips agencies, and the social sector, to deliver effective social services based on what works, for whom.

It is about improving the lives of people by investing early in what we know will deliver the best results and optimise people’s potential health, opportunity and independence.

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Research projects

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Aug 2017
This fact sheet series provides information on Social Investment Agency's key work areas. Topics include: What is social investment?, Data Exchange, Commissioning platform, Place-Based Initiatives and many more.
Jun 2017
This guide outlines a process for gathering the relevant evidence to support social investment. It explains how to summarise the best evidence and write it up in a way that will help inform decision-makers.
Jun 2017
This test case is the first in a series of building blocks that will help inform future government social investment priorities and decision-making, to help create better outcomes for New Zealanders in need. Using data in the Statistics New Zealand Integrated Data Infrastructure (IDI), the test case estimated the fiscal impact of providing social housing support.