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Statistics New Zealand Tatauranga Aotearoa is a government department and New Zealand’s national statistical office. We are New Zealand's major source of official statistics, administer the Statistics Act 1975, and lead the Official Statistics System.

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19 Apr 2016
Identifying stepfamilies in longitudinal data describes how we developed a methodological process for identifying stepfamilies in longitudinal data through an analysis of family transitions. We used a large-scale, representative sample of New Zealanders to validate the methodological process, and to provide prevalence estimates of people living in stepfamilies in New Zealand.
18 Apr 2016
This literature review presents an analysis of contemporary Māori social organisation – within the framework of traditional Mäori groupings. Māori culture and society is organised around the principles of kinship as reflected through the whanau, hapū, and iwi groupings. Although hapū are generally understood to be smaller kinship groups within iwi, the boundaries between these concepts are not...
Dec 2015
The Student Loan Scheme Annual Report has been tabled in Parliament each year since 2001 and provides public accountability information to government and New Zealanders to show that the scheme is achieving its primary objective – ensuring that tertiary education is financially attainable to all New Zealanders. Each report provides information on the loan scheme and its performance, as well as...
Nov 2015
Social networks help New Zealanders deal with change describes how people use their social networks to help get through periods of major change in their life. The report looks at the changes people experienced during the previous 12 months, their impacts, and who they reached out to for support. Data is sourced from the 2014 New Zealand General Social Survey, and covers people aged 15 years...
Oct 2015
Women at work: 1991–2013 uses census data from the 20 years to 2013 to look at trends in occupational segregation between women and men. The report is intended to be useful to readers, researchers and policy-makers who have an interest in gender pay gap and labour market issues. This report was developed in consultation with the Ministry for Women, and identified as a priority because of the...
Jul 2015
The purpose of this work is to better understand public attitudes to data integration and the willingness of the New Zealand public to share their information directly or indirectly. More specifically, to understand how individuals from different demographic groups might perceive data re-use and integration, reveal any differences in perception of operational and statistical uses of data, and...
Feb 2015
This paper takes an initial look at how mothers' and non-mothers' engagement with the labour market has changed over the last 20 years, how the mother and child characteristics affect mothers' levels of employment and unemployment, and the type and quality of work that mothers are employed in and how this compares with women with no children. Social, cultural, economic, and policy changes have...
The 2013 Disability Survey is going to collect information about both: disabled people  people who do not have a disability. The information will help us know: how many disabled people live in New Zealand  what kinds of disabilities people have  how people became disabled  what kind of support people need  how much support people need....
Jan 2015
Business participation in government assistance programmes presents descriptive statistics on the businesses that participate in different types of government assistance programmes (GAP), including their size, industry, and characteristics. This report's purpose does not include evaluating any of these programmes. The data are from Statistics New Zealand’s Longitudinal Business...
Sep 2014
Coverage assessment in an administrative census: A progress report on issues and methods reports on preliminary investigation into issues and methods for coverage assessment, if Statistics NZ moves to a Census of Population and Dwellings based primarily on administrative data. The paper describes coverage issues already identified in New Zealand administrative sources. It also summarises the...

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