Eliza Stevens

Research Projects

13 Feb 18
with: Ministry of Education: MoENew Zealand Council for Educational Research: NZCER categories: EvaluationSchools

The Principal Recruitment Allowance (PRA) is an allowance available to boards of trustees in schools which face significant challenges and have a principal vacancy. Its purpose is to attract principals who will provide highly effective management and instructional leadership. This formative evaluation seeks to understand how a programme is operating and inform decision making aimed at improvement.

21 Jun 17
with: Ministry of Education: MoE categories: EvaluationTeachers

This is the final evaluation report of the Teach First NZ programme pilot, delivered in partnership with The University of Auckland. The Teach First NZ pilot programme is an alternative field-based Initial Teacher Education (ITE) two-year programme. The pilot programme operated between 2013 and 2016 with three annual intakes of up to 20 participants.