Janie Sheridan

Research Projects

13 Dec 17
with: Health Promotion Agency: HPA categories: ResearchDrugs & Alcohol

Very little is known about the role of alcohol in older people’s lives over the lifespan, patterns of alcohol use over older adulthood, and how the drinking patterns of older New Zealanders compare with patterns in older adults in other countries. Using data from the New Zealand Health, Work & Retirement Longitudinal Study (NZHWR), this report explores the patterns of drinking in older New Zealanders at a national level and in an international context. 

Specifically, this report presents:
•    a review of drinking patterns in older adults 
•    a comparison of drinking in older Māori and non-Māori New Zealanders
•    an international comparison of the alcohol use patterns in older New Zealanders and older adults in eight other countries (England, the United States, South Africa, China, Mexico, Ghana, India and the Russian Federation).

22 Dec 15
with: Ministry of Health: MoH categories: ResearchGamblingYouth

This survey is part of series of larger surveys that aim to provide information on the health and wellbeing of young people attending New Zealand secondary schools. The current survey was conducted in 2012 and involved questions about gambling along with for example, ethnicity and culture, physical health, food and activities, substance use, sexual health, injuries and violence, home and family health.

The questions about gambling seek to provide information on frequency and intensity of participation in gambling by youth, views and attitudes towards gambling, and impacts of gambling on self, peers, and family. Other aims include identifying which groups of students are at higher risk of harmful gambling behaviour/practices, protective factors, and changes over time in gambling behaviour by comparing youth 2007 and 2012 survey data.

30 Sep 15
with: Health and Disability Commissioner categories: ResearchSocial ServicesHealthcareMental Health

There is evidence that providing care for opioid-dependent people on methadone maintenance treatment (MMT) in primary health care settings, supported by specialist services, has beneficial outcomes. 

The aim of this study was to explore the barriers to, and incentives for, the transfer of opioid-dependent people from secondary to primary health care for their MMT within the greater Auckland region. 


18 Feb 15
with: Ministry of Health: MoH categories: EvaluationResearchLaw & JusticePolicyDrugs & AlcoholHealthcareYouthQuality of LifeCulture

The aim of this study was to conduct qualitative research into young people’s use of Legal Party Pills (LPPs), aligned with the six principles of the Youth Development Strategy Aotearoa (YDSA) (Ministry of Youth Affairs, 2002). The objectives of the research were:

  • To explore patterns of use of LPPs among young people aged 16-24;
  • To begin to describe effects and adverse effects of LPPs as identified by young people;
  • To explore the context of use among young people, the attraction of the products, and the influence of use of these products on social networks and social connectedness;
  • To explore knowledge of safe use in relation to LPP use;
  • To interview ‘key informants’ (e.g. individuals employed in youth and health services, LPP retailers etc.) to explore aspects of marketing, supply, concerns about youth use of the substances;
  • To provide information to support policy making and service delivery in identifying possible harm reduction and educational interventions;
  • To generate hypotheses or research questions for future research.