Judy Li

Research Projects

13 Nov 15
with: Ministry of Health: MoH categories: Literature reviewChild DevelopmentHealthcareChildren

Oral health is a major public health issue affecting all population groups. Poor oral health during childhood is directly associated with poor oral health outcomes in adulthood as people remain more susceptible to developing dental caries throughout their lives. Oral health has an impact on all systems of the body. For example, Early Childhood Caries (ECC) can lead to more widespread health issues, such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

This literature review takes a look at preschoolers oral health. 

27 Oct 15
with: Health Promotion Agency: HPA categories: EvaluationDrugs & AlcoholCommunicatingInformation & Communications TechnologyMedia & Communications

Face the Facts was launched in April 2009 to present some hard-hitting facts about tobacco consumption in New Zealand.

This report outlines results from a survey that was designed to compare New Zealanders’ knowledge and beliefs about tobacco and its use, and attitudes towards tobacco regulations after Face the Facts had been in the media, with those measured in a benchmark survey undertaken before the strategy was launched.