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14 Feb 18 Commissioned

This research looks at residential movements in New Zealand. Previous studies have linked frequent movement with poor outcomes for the affected individuals and their families, including poor education and health outcomes. Frequent residential moves, especially involuntary ones, can also worsen physical and mental wellbeing and future human capital.

14 Feb 18 Commissioned

This research is a review of the literature about freephone helplines and how they are used to provide social services support.

The research found that helplines remain an important channel for:

  • reaching a wide range of people with different needs
  • delivering social services.

Helplines appear to work particularly well when they are integrated with other services.  

12 Feb 18 Commissioned

Childhood sexual abuse can have significant short- and long-term effects, including the subsequent development of alcohol use disorder. This report is an evidence-based guide on the association between childhood sexual abuse and alcohol use disorder (including alcohol abuse and alcohol dependence) as a teenager/adult. These findings will be used to assist in the decision making process regarding cover and entitlements of those who have experienced childhood sexual abuse and later developed alcohol use disorder.

24 Jan 18 Commissioned

This review focuses on the drinking behaviour of young New Zealanders (aged 12 to 24 years), and supports the analysis of alcohol data from the Statistics New Zealand Survey of Family Income and Employment (SoFIE) and the SoFIE-Health sub-study, conducted from 2002 to 2010. This report presents findings from literature published around this time period to provide context for understanding young peoples’ drinking behaviours, and how these have changed.

28 Nov 17 Completed

The purpose of this literature review is to critically evaluate the employment and training policies for people with disabilities adopted by other developed nations. It was primarily for use by the Working Party on Employment and Training Policies for People with Disabilities who were charged with developing an integrated set of employment and training policies for New Zealanders with disabilities. It is also intended as a wider resource for use by other parties interested in disability policy.

28 Nov 17 Commissioned

The New Zealand Institute of Economic Research (NZIER) was commissioned by the Department of Labour to undertake a literature survey on types and approaches of government intervention in issues of health and safety in employment. This report provides the findings from the literature survey.

28 Nov 17 Completed

Editorial - Stephen Cunningham

Addressing the imbalance: Enhancing women's opportunities to build offence free lives through gender responsivity - Hannah McGlue

Collaborative, relational and responsive: Principles for the case management of women in prison - Marianne Bevan

Methamphetamine use disorders among New Zealand prisoners - Jill Bowman

Strengthening continuity of care: Corrections' Alcohol and Other Drug Aftercare Worker Pilot - Caitlin Chester

Suicide in New Zealand prisons - 1 July 2010 to 30 June 2016 - Robert Jones

27 Nov 17 Completed

This paper examines the concepts of equality of opportunity and equality of outcomes, with particular attention to the application of these concepts in labour market policy debates. It summarises and synthesises key philosophical and economic arguments, grouping the main approaches under the headings of libertarian, meritocratic, resourcist, and Sen's version.

4 Oct 17 Completed

Immersion education plays a distinct role in language and cultural revitalisation of Māori and other indigenous peoples.

This book summarises research findings on the benefits of immersion education for Māori, their whānau, and their communities.

27 Sep 17 Completed

This report summarises the findings from the Environmental Education in New Zealand Schools research project, undertaken for the Ministry of Education by the New Zealand Council for Educational Research and the University of Waikato between June 2002 and June 2003.

The research included three components: a literature review, a critical stocktake (survey) of nearly 200 schools involved in environmental education, and case studies of environmental education practices in eight schools and kura kaupapa Māori.

20 Sep 17 Completed

This best evidence synthesis is derived from research that provides strong evidence of linkages to learning opportunities, experiences, and outcomes for children. 

An important focus of the work is professional development in support of educational practice that is inclusive of diverse children, families, and whänau.  Specific emphasis is on evidence related to learning opportunities and outcomes through the provision of professional development for Mäori children, Pasifika children and children, from low socio-economic families. 

20 Sep 17 Completed

This literature review is focused on international and New Zealand evaluations of "technology-rich" information and communication technologies (ICT) initiatives in schools from 1990 onwards.

20 Sep 17 Commissioned

This literature review identifies, summarises, and critiques the research undertaken in initial teacher education in New Zealand over the past decade. 

Most of the research selected for the review was based on qualitative and/or quantitative empirical data from student teachers, teacher educators, principals, associate teachers and beginning teachers.  It was found that much of the research was unpublished and small scale, conducted by the teacher education sector for the purpose of informing practice. 

18 Sep 17 Commissioned

This report has been commissioned by the Centre for Housing Research, Aotearoa New Zealand (CHRANZ). The report brings together current information and research on intergenerational and interfamilial transfers of wealth and housing. The information from New Zealand and overseas is brought into a framework that allows a research programme to be developed.

This report is a scoping paper that focuses on private intergenerational and interfamilial transfers.

7 Sep 17 Completed

This review synthesises recent literature about ICT use in early childhood education (ECE). It looks at the role and potential of ICT to support teaching and learning, professional development, sector capability, administration, infrastructure, and information management and communication.

6 Sep 17 Completed

This report investigates opportunities for professional learning when teachers work together to moderate their judgements of students’ work. It draws together key themes from previous research projects that have documented teacher interactions during moderation conversations. Teachers are required to report against National Standards and this is intended to be an effective lever to increase student achievement levels.

28 Aug 17 Completed

This is the second report in the Teaching and Learning Research Initiative (TLRI) Project Plus series. It looks at the 18 literacy-related projects in the early childhood and schools sector funded by the TLRI between 2003 and 2014. It considers what the community of researchers see as important in literacy teaching and learning, the problems to be tackled, the approaches taken and the new knowledge that has been built.

14 Aug 17 Commissioned

International evidence reviews have indicated that school-based relationship violence prevention programmes are one of the few strategies with proven evidence for preventing intimate partner violence.

The Social Policy Evaluation and Research Unit (SuPERU) within the Families Commission commissioned a rapid review of the evidence and relevant literature on ‘what works’ in school-based relationship education programmes both within New Zealand and internationally for Years 7 – 13. 

14 Aug 17 Commissioned

A review of current international and New Zealand literature on what enables NGOs to successfully build their evaluation capacity.