How to use the Hub

The Hub is a database of social science research that’s been done by or on behalf of the Government.

Find what you're looking for

Use the search tabs to find research using keywords, from a specific agency or on a particular topic.

You can also access these search tabs at the top of each page without having to return to the home page.

Search by keyword

  • Click on
  • Type your key word(s) in the search box, for example Poverty, and click Go.
  • The Hub will search for all the words you type.
  • Use quotes to search whole phrases, for example “child poverty”.
  • Search results are displayed in the order of relevance to your keyword(s).

Search by Agency

  • Click on   and use the drop-down menu to select an agency.
  • Or start typing the name of the agency in the search box and matching suggestions will appear.
  • Click on the name of an agency to browse the projects by that agency.

Search by topic

  • Click on and use the drop-down menu to select a topic.
  • Click on a topic to display all the sub-topics.
  • Click the appropriate checkbox(es) to browse for research projects on your chosen topic(s).

Sorting your search results

You can choose to see your search results alphabetically (choose ‘Title') or by date.

Narrowing your search results

Use search filters to narrow your search by:

  • Project status – planned, commissioned, ongoing, completed
  • Government agency – you can choose multiple agencies
  • Author – you can choose multiple authors
  • Date published – you can set limits for the date of publication
  • Research subject – you can choose multiple research subjects
  • Peer review status – yes, no, unknown
  • Document type – text, image, audio, video
  • Language – English, Māori, other

Simply click on the arrow next to the appropriate filter to choose your settings and click ‘Apply filters’ to refine your search.


Here are definitions for some of the terms we’ve used on the Hub in case you’re not familiar with them:

  • Abstract – A short summary of a piece of evidence which covers the most important points.
  • Commissioned – A peice of work that has been contracted to an external person or organisation to complete.
  • Completed – Shows that this project has been completed and that no more publications are expected.
  • Key results A short description of what the research has discovered.
  • Literature review An extended description summarising the main findings from existing research, theoretical work, and/or policy documents on a particular issue.
  • Methodology The way a piece of research has been carried out. It explains what the researchers did and how.
  • Ongoing – A project that is still in progress and more publications are expected.
  • Peer reviewed Evidence which has been read and commented on by external experts in the field before being published to ensure it is of a high standard.
  • Project – The investigation of an issue. It may take place over a long period of time and include several publications.
  • Publication – An individual document which may be available as a PDF, Word document, Excel file, video or audio file. Every publication will belong to a project.
  • Qualitative research Research which explores issues in depth. This generally focuses on the why and how of an issue. Common methods include in-depth interviews and focus groups.
  • Quantitative research Research which explores issues in breadth. It generally focuses on the what, where and whom of an issue. Common methods include surveys and analysis of datasets.

Browser compatibility

The Hub is fully compatible with the following browser versions:

  • Internet Explorer (Windows versions 9+). In versions 7 and 8 some features may be missing.
  • Google Chrome (Windows and Mac – versions 30+). In lower versions some features may be missing.
  • FireFox (Windows and Mac – versions 27+). In lower versions some content may not look pixel perfect.
  • Safari (Mac versions 6+). In lower versions some content may not look pixel perfect.

If you experience any problems, you may want to update your browser via the appropriate supplier’s website.

The Hub is optimised for IOS 6 and 7 and Android 4+ mobile devices.


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