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Sep 2017
with: NZ Police
The aim of the New Zealand Arrestee Drug Use Monitoring (NZ-ADUM) study is to monitor trends in alcohol and other drug use among police detainees in New Zealand, and to document the harms associated with this substance use. NZ-ADUM tracks key indicators of illegal drug markets, such as availability and price, and identifies...

Jun 2017
Young New Zealanders Viewing Sexual Violence - Stage 1: This report is the first component of our research and consultation project exploring the effects of viewing sexual violence in mainstream commercial media such as movies, TV shows and games. Sexual violence is a complex social problem and its...

Jan 2017
Alcohol Off-license Purchases and subsequent Harm: Technical Report - The research was undertaken to understand the trends and patterns related to off-licence alcohol purchasing in Wellington, as well as the subsequent alcohol-related harms that occur. The findings provide a snapshot of behaviours...

Dec 2016
Editorial - Changing practice; changing lives This edition focuses on some key pieces of work being led by Corrections as well as initiatives being jointly led with other organisations, for example in the employment space and the family violence sector.

Sep 2016
The Restorative Justice Victim Satisfaction Survey measures victims’ experiences of, and satisfaction with Ministry of Justice-funded restorative justice processes. What is restorative justice? Restorative justice is a community-based approach to responding to...

15 Aug 2016
The New Zealand Department of Corrections is in an enviable position internationally to deliver a world-leading correctional system. We have a clear understanding of our offender population and a strong connection to other agencies. We have a well-established evidence base that we use to shape our policies and to understand what...

11 Jul 2016
Review of the NZ crime and safety survey and other statistical information about the social impact of crime: 2016 sets out the results of a review by a four-person team at Statistics NZ. We completed the review at the request of the Ministry of Justice. This report makes four action...

Jun 2016
A study of New Zealand prisoners conducted by the Department of Corrections in 1999 showed that up to 70 percent had drug and/or alcohol problems and a significant proportion had various mental health issues. However, that research didn’t consider the co-existence of mental health issues and drug/alcohol  problems, which...

May 2016
The Ministry of Social Development has funded self defence classes for school-age girls since 2001, primarily through the Women’s Self Defence Network – Wāhine Toa. The Ministry commissioned two reports in 2014-16 looking at the effectiveness of self defence programmes for girls and women as a strategy for protection against...

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