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This review covers: trends in youth offending in New Zealand, developmental considerations, interventions and youth offending, characteristics of effective programmes, and specific responsivity (2012).

with: NZ Police
These reports look into the assessment and validation of the Youth Offending Risk Screening Tool (YORST). The first report responds to a request by the New Zealand Police to conduct a literature review of risk screening instruments for youth offenders, with a particular focus on the methods used to establish...

Aug 2007
This report is the first in a new series of reports to be published annually presenting youth justice statistics. In previous years, young offender statistics were presented in the annual report series titled 'Conviction and Sentencing of Offenders in New Zealand'. This report examines trends in Police apprehensions of...

This report was commissioned by the Ministry as part of ongoing work to improve the quality of services for young offenders in Child, Youth and Family’s youth justice secure residences. The report reviews the international evidence about best practice in the delivery of secure residential care for young...

Aug 2004
Social Work Now, Issue 27, pages 6-12 In 1989, new legislation resulted in a new youth justice system for New Zealand that is now recognised as the first formal adoption by the legal system in any country of a system of justice based on restorative principles and practice. It also...

Contents Minister's foreword Introduction The issues What we have learned Children and young people charged in court Apprehension rates of children and young people The...

Nov 2006
The Classification Office and UMR Research investigated the use of entertainment mediums by persons aged 16-18 years. The 460 respondents to the survey had attended the Office's Censor for a Day 2006 events in Wellington, Christchurch, Nelson and Invercargill. They were asked about the most recent film, computer game and...

Oct 2005
The Minister for Courts, the Honourable Rick Barker announced a review of the ‘Infringement System’ in March 2004. The review is being led by the Ministry of Justice in conjunction with the Law Commission. Proposals will be developed by the Ministry of Justice on ways to achieve a simpler, streamlined and more effective ‘...

This report (the fourth in a series) presents some statistics on the possible effects of the Sale of Liquor Amendment Act 1999, and focuses on the lowering of the purchase age. Most of the statistics presented are updates of those presented in the earlier reports, however, statistics included in the earlier reports are not...

Jun 2017
Young New Zealanders Viewing Sexual Violence - Stage 1: This report is the first component of our research and consultation project exploring the effects of viewing sexual violence in mainstream commercial media such as movies, TV shows and games. Sexual violence is a complex social problem and its...

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