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Oct 2010
This report provides a snapshot of the attitudes, values and beliefs of New Zealanders towards the Māori language in 2009. The findings show that Māori and non-Māori attitudes towards the Māori language were optimistic.

Aug 2017
Topics: Research, Māori, Culture
This paper A matter of personal and national identity – a note on revitalising Māori culture provides his perspective as one who is “looking in from the outside.” This is the second in a series of papers Te Puni Kōkiri commissioned to contribute to the development of our work around Oranga...

Oct 2007
This report evaluates the in-school facilitation component of two projects, Te Kauhua and Te Kotahitanga. Both projects have the specific aim of improving Māori student achievement in English-medium schools through enhancing teacher practice and improving school-wide structures and processes. In both projects an in-school...

Jul 2011
The Government’s work to address the Drivers of Crime is co-led by the Minister of Justice and the Minister of Māori Affairs. Te Puni Kōkiri is working with the Ministry of Justice and other agencies on an interagency work programme, Addressing the Drivers of Crime. As a contribution to this work, Te Puni Kōkiri has developed a...

Jun 2008
These earlier reports should be used for historical perspective – many of our more recent reports replace these and are more current and up to date. The New Zealand Curriculum sets out a clear vision for the teaching of, and in, te reo Māori: "Ko...

Published in partnership with Arts Access Aoteroa, this is a practical guide to help artists and arts organisations become more accessible, build new audiences and market their arts to the disabled community.

Auckland’s Asian population is increasing very rapidly, with one-quarter of Aucklanders identifying with an Asian ethnicity. Two-thirds of New Zealand’s Asia population lives in the Auckland region, according to 2013 census results. Creative New Zealand commissioned this research to gain insight into Asian communities in...

Jul 2006
In order to measure progress toward achieving the fifth goal of the Māori Language Strategy, three telephone surveys of language attitudes were undertaken in 2000, 2003 and 2006. They measured knowledge, attitudes and general values about the Māori language amongst Māori and non-Māori. This factsheet provides information on the...

May 2015
This resource provides detailed insight into New Zealanders’ relationship with arts and culture which our clients and other arts organisations can use to increase engagement with their audiences.

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