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Mar 2015
Creative New Zealand and Manatū Taonga, the Ministry for Culture and Heritage share a mutual interest in achieving a better understanding of the contribution the arts make to New Zealand’s economy, and also in measuring the contribution more accurately. As a first step our two organisations commissioned...

4 Aug 2011
Whānau Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow draws on Māori knowledge, cultural practices and methods to research stories of whānau success. Informed by the integrated nature of Māori knowledge, this paper addresses social, economic, cultural and environmental aspects of whānau development. The report concentrates on the...

15 Sep 2010
Families Commission report, Whānau Taketake Māori: Recessions and Māori resilience, promotes an understanding of the impact that recessions have on Māori that can only be understood in the full context of history, cultural values and practices. The impact of the current and past recessions...

1 Jan 2008
This pilot study that explores what māori whānau talk about in their everyday lives and how such talk contributes to whānau socialisation.  

Aug 2009
Family carers of people with schizophrenia are an important part of the mental health sector landscape, yet there are few studies of representative samples  to inform policy and service development. Traditional psychiatric research has investigated carers’ characteristics in relation to the recipients of care, and has paid...

Jun 2010
The Department of Internal Affairs commissioned this systematic literature review to assist the Lottery Grants Board and its distribution committees to make distribution decisions that are evidence-based, and to focus on the most effective interventions. (Section 1.1)  This literature review summarises...

12 Sep 2013
What works with Māori: What the people said draws together a significant body of work, undertaken by the Commission as part of its Whānau Rangatiratanga Work Programme: He Ara Whakamua, Building pathways together to the future. In 2011-12, the Commission held a series...

Nov 2012
The purpose of this review was to study evidence from five major domains of endeavour to identify a common set of interventions, initiatives, approaches and practices that increases understanding of what helps Maori succeed or improve outcomes in life. The investigation concentrated on reviewing studies that produced evidence...

Feb 2012
Waka Māori was a Māori showcase pavilion supported by Government to: contribute to the vibrancy and energy of the Auckland waterfront; provide a unique venue for hosting events that was quintessentially Māori, South Pacific and New Zealand in form; and provide a facility for future hosting opportunities at key international...

Few New Zealand human rights advocates are publishing articles about sexuality, gender and human rights. The issues of sexuality, gender and human rights remain socially and politically contentious. Nuanced discussions of gender have been overtaken by simplified debates about relations between the sexes. Global thought and...

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