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This factsheet provides a summary of the findings of a study Sport NZ funded looking at young women’s engagement with sport, with a focus on 15 to 17 year olds. The study, by the University of Otago, aimed to further understand young women’s views and experiences of sport, and the factors that influence these.

Primary prevention of violence against women is an approach that seeks to stop violence against women before it occurs in the first place.  It is an internationally emerging field of practice with a growing evidence base about what works.  However, research on how it is understood and how effective it is in diverse cultural...

This publication looks at evidence showing that women can add a competitive edge to company boards. It was a joint initiative between Business New Zealand, The Institute of Directors in New Zealand, and the Ministry of Women's Affairs, published in 2009.

Nov 2011
This study was to understand what employers were currently doing in New Zealand to attract and retain women in male-dominated trades and to learn more about the benefits of having women in what have been traditionally male-dominated industries. 

Sep 2013
with: NZ Police
This Technical Report informs the Executive Summary and action plan on increasing representation of women that was presented to the Police Executive Meeting in October 2013. A separate Career Survey Results document details the methodology and results from the internal survey undertaken as part of this review...

Jul 2008
A report produced by the Ministry of Women’s Affairs and the Ministry of Economic Development, 2008

Oct 2015
Women at work: 1991–2013 uses census data from the 20 years to 2013 to look at trends in occupational segregation between women and men. The report is intended to be useful to readers, researchers and policy-makers who have an interest in gender pay gap and labour market issues. This...

Nov 2011
This paper looks at the relationship between young peoples’ tertiary education qualifications and their employment and earnings once they finish their tertiary study. It has a particular focus on differences in the post-study earnings between males and females, using the Employment Outcomes of Tertiary Education (EOTE) dataset....

Nov 2005
This report applies statistical modelling to the results of the 2003 Performance-Based Research Fund (PBRF) Quality Evaluation. It provides interesting new information on the performance of PBRF-eligible staff across a variety of characteristics such as gender, ethnic group and position.

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