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19 Dec 2011
This research study explores the work experiences of immigrants of Asian origin living in the greater Auckland region, New Zealand. Family interviews with people in a range of work situations were conducted with a total of 78 Chinese, Korean, Southeast Asian, South Asian and ‘Asian with refugee background’...

4 Aug 2011
Whānau Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow draws on Māori knowledge, cultural practices and methods to research stories of whānau success. Informed by the integrated nature of Māori knowledge, this paper addresses social, economic, cultural and environmental aspects of whānau development. The report concentrates on the...

1 Jan 2008
This pilot study that explores what māori whānau talk about in their everyday lives and how such talk contributes to whānau socialisation.  

1 Jul 2006
This report considers the use of the māori word 'whānau' in social policy-making, details the personal reactions of participants to various forms and derivations of whānau, and highlights problems when using the term in legislation and policy. This small qualitative study into whānau was funded by...

Warning! These reports and this page contain language that some people will find offensive! This report documents the findings of a national survey carried out in November and December 2009 among 1500 members of the general public aged 18 years and...

Apr 2009
Keeping Up to Date’ aims to increase awareness of the reasons to use evidence in practice, to stimulate debate about evidence, and to encourage the health promotion workforce to contribute to the evidence base by designing, delivering, and evaluating rigorous programmes. 29th & 30th edition -...

1 Mar 2006
This paper explores the issues surrounding data collection and the diversity of family types, with particular emphasis on family connections across households. Most of the official statistics in New Zealand and overseas rely on data collected on an individual or household basis. Hence we commonly see such...

In term 3, 2014, ERO undertook a cluster review of five Puna Whakatupu as part of scheduled education reviews. During the course of these reviews, we identified a range of good practice that was investigated further and has become Tuia te here tangata: Making meaningful connections.

Aug 2011
This research provides information for New Zealand Secondary schools interested in, or currently active in, the German market. The report covers a breakdown of the main variations between the states, detail on the recent change from 13 years down to 12, expectations of German high schools for students returning from offshore...

2 Nov 2010
This paper summarises the current literature on Irlen syndrome (Scotopic Sensitivity Syndrome). It describes the evidential basis for this condition, and provides an analysis of the evidence for and against the use of coloured overlays or glasses in the treatment of reading difficulties.

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