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Nov 2017
This qualitative research study presents young  New Zealanders’ experiences of digital harm in their own words. The research aims to better understand young people’s online behaviour and experiences of digital harm, provide a gendered understanding of digital harm, and identifies promising directions for...

This report looks at the role of digital technologies for learning in primary and intermediate schools. The report draws on data from the NZCER National Survey of Primary and Intermediate Schools, which was conducted in late August and early September 2016. The survey asked how digital technology is being used...

This report details the results of an investigation into the school-based assessment, PAT: Reading Comprehension, which has recently gone online. NZCER wanted to know whether the test items behaved in similar ways in the online and paper-based modes, and whether there was any difference in student scores.

28 Oct 2016
This research report outlines the findings of an online survey of consumers to assess the effectiveness of the current voluntary pregnancy warnings on alcohol containers. Undertaken in June 2016, the survey focused on awareness and recall of labels, understanding the message of labels and impact on behaviours.

14 Oct 2016
In 2016 the AUT Centre for eHealth completed a review of the online self management tool The Journal and the

30 Jun 2016
From online programmes to serious games, video teleconferencing and text counselling, digital platforms lend themselves to providing preventive and self-managed care options. Commonly cited benefits include consumer empowerment, scalability, possible efficiency gains, reduced burden and social cost, standardisation of programmes...

Jun 2016
This report compares provision, participation, and student performance in courses delivered by e-learning methods with courses that do not use e-learning. This is analysed at a system, sub-sector, and field of study level, as well as by ethnicity, age, full-time, part-time, and extramural status.

May 2016
The Privacy Concerns and Sharing Data survey was commissioned by the Office of the Privacy Commissioner and conducted by UMR Research from 30 March to 18 April 2016. The margin of error for a 50 percent figure at the 95 percent confidence level for a sample of n=1000 is approximately ±3.1...

Feb 2016
The Government is currently undertaking a review of content classification in New Zealand, with one potential outcome being that all content could use the same set of content warnings or classifications in the future, regardless of format or medium. Results of recent research by UMR commissioned by the Classification Office...

with: NZ On Air
Since 1989 NZ On Air has measured local free-to-air television content. This report compares the schedules of the six national free-to-air channels, to observe trends and changes in the local content landscape. In 2015 the amount of NZ programming on free-to-air television increased but the...

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