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Nov 2017
This paper looks at the impact of innovation on the performance of New Zealand firms. Results show that innovating firms grew more quickly than non-innovators but did not experience improved productivity outcomes. However, digging into the relationship between innovation and firm performacne reveals that firms in the...

Oct 2015
The purpose of this research was to help inform the development of a consumer marketing and education campaign to raise awareness, recognition, understanding, and correct use of the Health Star Rating (HSR) system. The HSR is a new voluntary front-of-pack labelling system developed for use in New Zealand and Australia. It takes...

Sep 2015
New Zealand's Tertiary Education Research is one of six reports to be published this year, replacing Profile & Trends: New Zealand's Tertiary Education Sector. The new Profile & Trends series will be published throughout the year as...

Jul 2015
The purpose of this work is to better understand public attitudes to data integration and the willingness of the New Zealand public to share their information directly or indirectly. More specifically, to understand how individuals from different demographic groups might perceive data re-use and integration, reveal any...

Jun 2015
This paper examines the impact of government assistance through R&D grants on innovation output for firms in New Zealand. Using a large database that links administrative and tax data with survey data, we are able to control for large number of firm characteristics and thus minimise selection bias. We find that receipt...

Jun 2015
International comparisons suggest that, although the New Zealand public sector invests considerable resources into scientific research, New Zealand firms are not particularly effective at generating applied knowledge and even less so at turning it into commercial products. However, these findings are based on aggregate data and...

Apr 2015
The Commission has been asked to look at ways to improve how government agencies commission and purchase social services. This will include how agencies identify the needs of people who use the services, how they choose organisations to provide the services, and how the contracts between agencies and organisations work. 

Feb 2015
During consultation on our draft 2013/14 work programme, the Primary Production Committee asked us to consider looking at the Primary Growth Partnership (PGP). In particular, the Committee was concerned about the transparency of PGP, including how well it was being managed and was achieving its objectives. ...

4 Sep 2014
Strong connections between tertiary education organisations, industry and Pasifika learners are key enablers to increasing awareness and knowledge of high-growth, high-demand industries. The report also shows how secondary schools and tertiary education organisations can develop Pasifika employment in high-growth, high-demand...

Sep 2014
Coverage assessment in an administrative census: A progress report on issues and methods reports on preliminary investigation into issues and methods for coverage assessment, if Statistics NZ moves to a Census of Population and Dwellings based primarily on administrative data. The paper...

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