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14 May 2008
The Ministry of Health has identified a social marketing campaign as one potential way to contribute to a reduction in the harm associated with the demand and usage of illegal drugs. To begin the development of such a campaign, the Ministry commissioned Litmus, to conduct a review of national and international  literature of...

27 Nov 2014
New Zealand, tobacco use is the single largest cause of preventable death, and a major factor contributing to health inequality. Half of all long-term smokers die from a smoking-related illness and the average lifespan of long-term smokers who die prematurely from smoking is 15 years less than non-smokers. Between 4500 and 5000...

22 Dec 2011
The resource is designed for quick access by busy journalists. It describes issues relating to suicide reporting, suggests areas that journalists should think carefully about, and identifies sources of information that journalists may find useful. The media resource was developed in 2011 by a roundtable of key...

Jul 2010
A systematic review of current evidence of youth-specific social marketing interventions that imporved outcomes for young people. This review describes successful social marketing campaigns that have led to positive adolescent behaviour change in areas such as tobacco use, marijuana use, physical activity and sexual health. The...

Mar 2010
The purpose of this review is to understand and articulate the approach of the campaign and determine how well the campaign is working. In particular, it articulates the key ideas, messages and approach of the campaign; review the evidence to better understand how well the campaign is working, and focus on lessons and insights...

Mar 2010
This national face-to-face survey included over 2,500 in-home interviews in order to explore attitudes and beliefs about violence towards women, inter-partner violence and child abuse. The survey was prepared in order to answer the following questions: What attitudes do New...

May 2015
This resource provides detailed insight into New Zealanders’ relationship with arts and culture which our clients and other arts organisations can use to increase engagement with their audiences.

Jun 2014
Five things the Optimiser data tells us about engaging with audiences on social media. Measuring social media impact in the New Zealand arts sector.

May 2012
This document is Creative New Zealand’s summary of findings from independent research in 2011 into New Zealanders’ attitudes to, attendance at and participation in the arts.

Jun 2005
Discrimination is one of the most important factors affecting a person’s ability to recover from mental illness. Discrimination has individuals evicted from their homes, fired from their jobs, distanced and treated with shame by their friends and families, and ostracised from their communities. One of the key...

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