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Jul 2010
A systematic review of current evidence of youth-specific social marketing interventions that imporved outcomes for young people. This review describes successful social marketing campaigns that have led to positive adolescent behaviour change in areas such as tobacco use, marijuana use, physical activity and sexual health. The...

Warning! These reports and this page contain language that some people will find offensive! This report documents the findings of a national survey carried out in November and December 2009 among 1500 members of the general public aged 18 years and...

Jul 2017
New Zealanders’ attitudes to their personal social media content and their expectations about how broadcasters can use it, are revealed in new research commissioned by the Broadcasting Standards Authority. The research is the first of its kind to explore whether broadcasters are held to a higher standard by the public when it...

May 2007
This report summarises the literature relating to tobacco portrayals in the media, and youth smoking uptake. It explores how the media influences tobacco uptake and use; considers media use by New Zealand youth; examines instances of tobacco portrayals in the media; and looks at ways to counter and reduce smoking portrayals in...

Apr 2015
Health information is widely available on the internet, and there is now a tendency to use information online before seeking advice from a GP (Hesse et al., 2005). This fact sheet reports on the use of the internet to find health information and attitudes towards the reliability of information on the internet.

Aug 2008
This report provides an overview of Māori Language Broadcasting in 2006. It reports data about listenership and viewership, and describes some important recent developments in this sector.

Aug 2014
The Health Promotion Agency (HPA) commissioned TNS to investigate advertisements with tobacco denormalisation and health consequence themes as part of the formative research for its new tobacco control campaign aimed at young adults. Advertisements with those themes were chosen for testing because they have been shown to be...

25 Nov 2014
The research seeks to understand the kinds of services, support and information that Christchurch families and whānau affected by the earthquakes need to maintain resilience and aid their psychosocial recovery. It also focuses on identifying the most effective channels, access points and referral pathways required to reach...

27 Nov 2014
New Zealand, tobacco use is the single largest cause of preventable death, and a major factor contributing to health inequality. Half of all long-term smokers die from a smoking-related illness and the average lifespan of long-term smokers who die prematurely from smoking is 15 years less than non-smokers. Between 4500 and 5000...

18 May 2007
A summary of the results of the consultation process for the Review of the Regulation of Alcohol Advertising. In May 2006, the Government initiated a review of the current self-regulatory framework for alcohol advertising in New Zealand, acting on a recommendation from the Health Select Committee. The goal of...

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