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Sep 2011
These reports outline trends in teacher numbers, teacher loss rates and reasons for teacher losses. They are produced annually by the Demographic & Statistical Analysis Unit to assist in the Ministry's monitoring of teacher supply and give an indication of the stability of the teacher workforce and the state of...

Apr 2011
This report presents the findings from an outcome evaluation of the Parent Mentoring Project in Manukau initiated in 2007. It is submitted by Auckland UniServices Limited on behalf of the researchers, Dr. Deborah Widdowson and Assoc. Prof. Robyn Dixon, at the Centre for Child and Family Research, the University of Auckland.

Dec 2009
This report describes the Centre of Innovation (COI) action research project carried out by Hutt Family Day Care (HFDC) in Lower Hutt, Wellington from January 2006 to end of 2007. Hutt Family Day Care is a privately owned home-based network established in 1999. It comprises eighteen educators working from their homes which are...

Dec 2008
This report presents a picture of New Zealand’s education system with indicators on participation, achievement, effective teaching, labour market outcomes and resourcing across the early childhood, schooling and tertiary sectors. This report has been superseded by the Education Sector Indicators.

Dec 2007
This report provides a synthesis of the findings about the educational achievement of boys in New Zealand.  The report updates our knowledge of boys’ participation, engagement and achievement in schooling, in particular, secondary schooling. The results from national and international assessment surveys show...

Oct 2014
This report is from the second stage of an evaluation of the Ministry of Education’s (MOE) ECE Participation Programme. The overall evaluation explores how the Participation Programme and individual initiatives addressed barriers to participation in early childhood education (ECE) for target groups and communities. The focus of...

Jul 2013
The Early Childhood Education (ECE) Participation Programme was set up in 2010, and focuses on increasing ECE participation in areas where children are not participating in quality ECE before starting school. These are largely Māori and Pasifika children, and children from low socio-economic communities.  The initiatives set up...

May 2013
The Ministry funded ECE Professional Development (PD) Programmes are for a three year period from July 2010 to June 2013.  The focus for the PD Programmes is on targeting locations with low rates of ECE participation to support quality provision in those communities and services that are likely to enrol children who have the...

Dec 2012
This booklet presents information about children’s participation in Early Childhood Education (ECE) in New Zealand. It provides summary and time series information about children  who do not participate in ECE, as well as new information about the duration, and the amount of time spent in ECE, for children who do participate....

Jul 2011
Pathways to the Future: Ngā Huarahi Arataki was a 10-year strategic plan for early childhood education published by the Ministry of Education in 2002. This report synthesises findings from a locality-based longitudinal evaluation of Pathways to the Future: Ngā Huarahi Arataki.

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