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Nov 2010
In August, 2010 the Education Review Office (ERO) published the first of a series of evaluation reports to be published over the next three years about the implementation of the National Standards in schools with students in Years 1 to 8. ERO is currently collecting information to be published in the second...

Nov 2005
This literature review considers research into the effective teaching practices in literacy, numeracy and language teaching. Auckland Uniservices conducted a literature review on behalf of the Ministry of all original research studies into effective adult literacy teaching practices. The researchers looked especially at specific...

Apr 2015
This report synthesises the inputs, outputs and outcomes of the Government's tertiary education expenditure over the period 2004-2013 in the five largest tertiary education funds. In total, these funds distributed over $4 billion to providers and students in 2013.

Since 1999, the Ministry of Education has provided funding for clusters of schools to develop three year ICT professional development programmes for their teachers. 23 clusters were initially approved in 1999. This evaluation of the initial clusters between 1999 and 2001 focused on: assessing the...

Feb 2015
This report presents the findings of ERO’s evaluation of how well 68 secondary schools in Term 1 2014 promoted and responded to student wellbeing.

Feb 2015
This report documents the findings of ERO's evaluation of how well 159 primary schools reviewed in Term 1 2014 promoted and responded to student wellbeing.

13 Dec 2017
Topics: Research, Teachers
The big picture vision of The New Zealand Curriculum says it is important to foster students' dispositions to learn and contribute as active members of society. The key competencies directly support this vision.  This paper looks at what happens when teachers design rich tasks to draw on all aspects of...

Apr 2017
This report provides an overview of the early implementation of Communities of Learning | Kāhui Ako (Communities of Learning) up to December 2016

Aug 2011
This research provides information for New Zealand Secondary schools interested in, or currently active in, the German market. The report covers a breakdown of the main variations between the states, detail on the recent change from 13 years down to 12, expectations of German high schools for students returning from offshore...

May 2014
This report presents examples of good practice in student engagement and achievement. The examples come from a sample of secondary schools, rated decile 5 or below with rolls of 200 students or more, who had better outcomes for students than other similar schools. ERO visited seven of these schools to find out the secret to...

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