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Jun 2015
This report summarises the findings from case studies of seven schools that are part of the Positive Behaviour for Learning School-Wide (PB4L-SW) initiative. Schools were selected for their effective practice. In this report, commonalities and differences in practice are summarised, and key themes are illustrated by short...

Sep 2015
This report is the second annual evaluation report for the Teach First NZ pilot programme. The first report focused on the programme’s first year, Cohort 13. This second report focuses on Year 2 for Cohort 13 and Year 1 for Cohort 14. This 2014 evaluation confirms that, in general, the Teach First NZ programme...

Aug 2015
School-Wide in New Zealand: Main evaluation findings This report summarises the findings from the final phase of an evaluation of Positive Behaviour for Learning (PB4L) School-Wide. It describes the extent of implementation of School-Wide in schools, identifies short-term shifts...

Oct 2007
This report evaluates the in-school facilitation component of two projects, Te Kauhua and Te Kotahitanga. Both projects have the specific aim of improving Māori student achievement in English-medium schools through enhancing teacher practice and improving school-wide structures and processes. In both projects an in-school...

Sep 2008
This brochure provides an outline of the study, a summary of some key findings and implications, and a brief description of the reports on the study, including a third report due later this year.

Jan 2014
The B4 School Check (B4SC) is a free health and development check provided for all children as soon as possible after they turn four years old. The B4SC includes a range of assessments and tools, including vision and hearing testing and the Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire (SDQ). The SDQ is a short...

Aug 2012
Māori teachers often undertake additional formal and informal responsibilities beyond their immediate teaching work. This includes the support of Māori students and assistance with the cultural life of the school. Ako Panuku is a programme funded by the Ministry of Education (the Ministry) for Māori...

Sep 2012
In 2011 the Ministry of Education introduced funding for pedagogical leadership in alternative education to improve the quality of teaching and learning. This evaluation examined the impact of that funding initiative by looking at the work of 10 clusters providing alternative education. It also identified a set of principles to...

Mar 2006
The overall purpose of this research was to collect a range of information about indicators of good practice and quality outcomes in alternative education programmes. The key areas the report addresses include the following: identification of the critical success factors/indicators of success in alternative education programmes...

Aug 2007
The Ministry of Education commissioned this evaluation of the effectiveness of professional development (PD) in early childhood education. The purpose of the evaluation was to explore how the provision of professional development can be strengthened leading to improved learning outcomes for diverse children...

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