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Nov 2017
Editorial - Stephen Cunningham Addressing the imbalance: Enhancing women's opportunities to build offence free lives through gender responsivity - Hannah McGlue Collaborative, relational and responsive: Principles for the case management of women in prison - Marianne Bevan...

4 May 2017
This case study explains the process evaluation undertaken with Pillars in Christchurch on their mentoring programme for children with a caregiver in prison. The purpose was to assess how well the programme worked for its clients (ie efficiency).

Jun 2016
A study of New Zealand prisoners conducted by the Department of Corrections in 1999 showed that up to 70 percent had drug and/or alcohol problems and a significant proportion had various mental health issues. However, that research didn’t consider the co-existence of mental health issues and drug/alcohol  problems, which...

This report was commissioned by the Ministry as part of ongoing work to improve the quality of services for young offenders in Child, Youth and Family’s youth justice secure residences. The report reviews the international evidence about best practice in the delivery of secure residential care for young...

11 Dec 2015
with: NZ Police
Contents Twenty years of Corrections - The evolution of offender rehabilitation - Dr Peter Johnston The High Risk Personality Programme - Revised: An evaluation report - Dr Nick Wilson, Glen Kilgour Women's experiences of...

8 Dec 2014
Volume 2 Issue 3 of Practice: The New Zealand Corrections Journal focuses on Collaboration and Partnerships and includes: Editorial - Ben Clark Custodial / case management practice collaboration in a custodial environment - Sarah Symonds, Neil...

Dec 2014
The Justice Sector Forecast covers the prison population (remand and sentenced), non-custodial sentences, legal aid expenditure, Crown Law case numbers, and court-imposed fines, amongst other things. Each major component is published in its own forecast at a different point in the year, and over the course of a year all...

13 Oct 2014
Offender Population Reports are now being supplemented with Special Topic Reports, which focus on particular sub-groups of the offender population.  These reports are intended to give a more fine-grained analysis of the characteristics of selected sub-groups. Like the main report, the topical reports are intended as a general...

Aug 2014
Volume 2 Issue 2 of Practice: The New Zealand Corrections Journal focuses on Motivational Interviewing and includes: Editorial - Nikki Reynolds, Chief Psychologist Motivational Interviewing: A useful skill for correctional staff? - Dr Eileen Britt...

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