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This report was commissioned by the Ministry as part of ongoing work to improve the quality of services for young offenders in Child, Youth and Family’s youth justice secure residences. The report reviews the international evidence about best practice in the delivery of secure residential care for young...

Dec 2009
A substantial body of research evidence, known as the “What Works” literature, was influential in the design of the Department’s current sentence management framework.  This literature revolved around a number of key principles of correctional rehabilitation which, if adhered to in the design and delivery of services, would...

2 Apr 2010
The publication provides guidance for the staff of corrections facilities (prisons), public health services and clinical TB services in New Zealand, to enable them to carry out tasks relating to the case management of prisoners with active TB disease or with latent TB infection in corrections facilities. The...

13 Oct 2014
Offender Population Reports are now being supplemented with Special Topic Reports, which focus on particular sub-groups of the offender population.  These reports are intended to give a more fine-grained analysis of the characteristics of selected sub-groups. Like the main report, the topical reports are intended as a general...

1 Mar 2008
The publication has been prepared by the Public Health Intelligence unit of the Ministry of Health for the Māori Health Directorate, and is based on the ‘PHI Occasional Bulletin: Results from the Prisoner Health Survey 2005’ which was released in December 2006.The Prisoner Health Survey 2005 was conducted by the Ministry of...

Dec 2009
A qualitative research project examining the effects that a family member being in prison has on the health of prisoners' families in New Zealand The report describes: family composition; family members' perspectives on health and wellbeing;

Nov 2009
This qualitative research explores prisoners' views on the effects of imprisonment on their health and wellbeing and their experiences with prison health and disability services. The report describes: The effects of prison culture and environment on health and wellbeing;

A formative evaluation of the 'Tai Aroha' residential community-based programme for high-risk offenders (2012). Since October 2007, the number of community-based sentencing options available to the judiciary increased. This led to an increase in the number of offenders in the community requiring...

Sep 2013
Research indicates that there exists high prevalence rates of problem gambling behaviour among prisoners in New Zealand regardless of gender (Sullivan, Brown and Skinner,2002; Abbot and McKenna, 2005: Abbot, McKenna and Giles; 2005). The purpose of this study is to understand what problem gambling...

11 Aug 2008
A growing and changing prison population has renewed interest in the effects of incarceration on the health of prisoners in many countries. Prisoners comprise a number of vulnerable population groups with complex and often co-morbid health needs. Although prison is sometimes a setting for health improvement,...

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