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Nov 2006
This literature review identifies New Zealand and international literature on Western drinking cultures worldwide and looks at how these have been informed by wider cultural influences. It also examines how ethnicity and indegeneity interact with Western drinking cultures.

Mar 2010
The Ministry of Education has identified the need to further explore the use of Virtual Learning Environments particularly in the context of te reo Māori and kaupapa Māori education. This literature review was sought to provide further understanding for the Ministry of Education in this area.

Sep 2011
The purpose of this report is to influence funders and planners to direct funds to achieve not only wellbeing for children and young people but also to reduce long-term mental health and addiction costs. A brief literature review on prevention in mental health in New Zealand and internationally was undertaken...

Apr 2007
New Zealand is experiencing a rapid rise in the rate of obesity in both adult and child populations, with significant implications for public health. Major causes of death and disease are associated with obesity, including cancer, coronary heart disease, stroke and diabetes. The burden of disease affects the whole spectrum of...

Aug 2009
The Classification Office commissioned researchers from Victoria University to conduct a literature review focusing on research conducted in the 1990s or later. The review grouped together studies that used similar methods, commenting on methodological strengths and weaknesses as well as reporting on the findings. The aim of...

Jul 2011
The Government’s work to address the Drivers of Crime is co-led by the Minister of Justice and the Minister of Māori Affairs. Te Puni Kōkiri is working with the Ministry of Justice and other agencies on an interagency work programme, Addressing the Drivers of Crime. As a contribution to this work, Te Puni Kōkiri has developed a...

Mar 2014
Variation in medical practice has become a major topic of inquiry for health services researchers. Investigators have frequently documented variation in the way in which health services are delivered, both among individual clinicians and across geographic areas, and have found that such variation often cannot be explained by...

This annotated bibliography highlights the findings from research into adult LLN skills since 2006. The literature has been taken from New Zealand and countries that face similar LLN issues to New Zealand. These include the UK, Ireland, Canada, Australia and the USA. This body of literature has thus been drawn on to inform New...

Oct 2014
This comprehensive literature review brings together literature and data on alcohol and older adults from a variety of New Zealand sources.  Findings from selected overseas studies are also included. Topics covered include: size, composition, living circumstances and wellbeing...

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