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18 Dec 2017
This review focuses on the drinking behaviour of young New Zealanders (aged 12 to 24 years), and supports the analysis of alcohol data from the Statistics New Zealand Survey of Family Income and Employment (SoFIE) and the SoFIE-Health sub-study, conducted from 2002 to 2010. This report presents findings from literature published...

Nov 2017
Editorial - Stephen Cunningham Addressing the imbalance: Enhancing women's opportunities to build offence free lives through gender responsivity - Hannah McGlue Collaborative, relational and responsive: Principles for the case management of women in prison - Marianne Bevan...

Aug 2017
A review of current international and New Zealand literature on what enables NGOs to successfully build their evaluation capacity.

Jul 2017
The Living Standards research is an ongoing research programme that aims to develop a comprehensive description of the living standards of New Zealanders using non-income measures of material wellbeing and hardship. Policy makers, researchers, community groups, government agencies and citizens more generally have a strong...

Dec 2016
Editorial - Changing practice; changing lives This edition focuses on some key pieces of work being led by Corrections as well as initiatives being jointly led with other organisations, for example in the employment space and the family violence sector.

Nov 2016
This annotated bibliography reviews 225 papers on Tertiary Education Organisations’ (TEOs’) technology-supported physical learning spaces produced between 2005 and 2016 in New Zealand, Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

Jun 2016
To inform a scheduled review of the National Reportable Events Policy, the health Quality & Safety Commission has conducted a brief scan of overseas literature on patient safety reporting systems. This report summaries the literature review findings. This report provides the context for findings on...

May 2016
The Ministry of Social Development has funded self defence classes for school-age girls since 2001, primarily through the Women’s Self Defence Network – Wāhine Toa. The Ministry commissioned two reports in 2014-16 looking at the effectiveness of self defence programmes for girls and women as a strategy for protection against...

18 Apr 2016
This literature review presents an analysis of contemporary Māori social organisation – within the framework of traditional Mäori groupings. Māori culture and society is organised around the principles of kinship as reflected through the whanau, hapū, and iwi groupings. Although hapū are generally understood to be smaller...

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