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9 May 2009
This report summarises the key findings of the project to provide an indication of current problem gambling need in New Zealand. The overall objective of this project was to review, analyse and synthesise a range of component inputs which have either been completed or are currently being carried out by the...

2 Apr 2009
This report outlines the development of primary health care nursing in New Zealand since the introduction of the Primary Health Care Strategy (PHCS) in 2001 (Minister of Health 2001). The report is part of the Evaluation of the Implementation and Intermediate Outcomes of the Primary Health Care Strategy...

Feb 2012
The Te Kōtahitanga project sought to investigate how to improve the educational achievement of Māori students in mainstream secondary school classrooms, by talking with Māori students and other participants in their education. It was from these narratives that the rest of the Te Kōtahitanga project developed. ...

14 May 2008
The Ministry of Health has identified a social marketing campaign as one potential way to contribute to a reduction in the harm associated with the demand and usage of illegal drugs. To begin the development of such a campaign, the Ministry commissioned Litmus, to conduct a review of national and international  literature of...

Jul 2012
New Zealand was one of 38 countries which took part in ICCS in 2008. ICCS focuses on Year 9 students' knowledge and understanding of civic systems and citizenship issues, and their attitudes, values and behaviours relating to civics and citizenship. It also looks at differences among countries in relation to the outcomes of...

2 May 2006
Cancer is a leading cause of morbidity, disability and death for New Zealanders, and is a priority issue for the New Zealand health system. In 2003 the New Zealand Cancer Control Strategy was launched and in 2005 the Action Plan for 2005–2010 was published, setting objectives for implementation of the Strategy.

Sep 2011
This report examines theory, practice and ethical considerations when involving children and young people as participants in research and evaluation projects. As will become evident throughout the report, it is not possible to provide definitive answers to many of the questions and issues that arise in this area. We have instead...

3 Jun 2010
Research undertaken in New Zealand and other countries consistently suggests that student engagement in school and learning decreases during the middle years of schooling. The aim of this literature review, which was undertaken by Evaluation Associates and Massey University on behalf of the Ministry of Education, was to explore...

Nov 2007
This paper is a summary of a review of literature carried out in 2007 for the Ministry of Education by Dinham and Rowe of the Australian Council for Educational Research. Their review, and the summary presented here, are components of a Ministry research programme focused on teaching and learning in the middle schooling years....

Jul 2008
This report describes the impact that the Ministry of Education’s professional development Assess to Learn Project has had on teachers, students and schools in New Zealand. The Assess to Learn project has been supporting professional development in schools since 2002. Evaluation has been ongoing since 2003 by...

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