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20 Jul 2010
Allen and Clarke Policy and Regulatory Specialists Ltd (Allen & Clarke) was engaged by the Department of Internal Affairs (DIA) to carry out a literature review to identify ‘what works’ to achieve effective collaboration between community organisations. This report and its associated summary document are the final...

Jan 2004
Social Work Now, Issue 26, pages 15-20. Melanie Pearson examines issues of family involvement in residential intervention such as Children’s Health Camps

This review covers: trends in youth offending in New Zealand, developmental considerations, interventions and youth offending, characteristics of effective programmes, and specific responsivity (2012).

with: NZ Police
These reports look into the assessment and validation of the Youth Offending Risk Screening Tool (YORST). The first report responds to a request by the New Zealand Police to conduct a literature review of risk screening instruments for youth offenders, with a particular focus on the methods used to establish...

Sport is widely regarded as a social good – something that contributes to both the health and social capital of young people. Sport is also, as numerous lay and academic commentators attest, something of a rite of passage for young people in New Zealand. Anecdotal evidence suggests, however, that not all children regard...

Nov 2013
Young New Zealanders are one of the groups most affected by the decisions of the Classification Office. This set of research reports explores this group's perceptions of the harm that can come from the content in films and games, and the systems set up to regulate and restrict access to this content. The...

Primary prevention of violence against women is an approach that seeks to stop violence against women before it occurs in the first place.  It is an internationally emerging field of practice with a growing evidence base about what works.  However, research on how it is understood and how effective it is in diverse cultural...

Nov 2005
This literature review considers research into the effective teaching practices in literacy, numeracy and language teaching. Auckland Uniservices conducted a literature review on behalf of the Ministry of all original research studies into effective adult literacy teaching practices. The researchers looked especially at specific...

Mar 2013
As elsewhere, New Zealand faces major challenges in successfully managing the trend known as ‘population ageing’ (Jackson, 2007), illustrated at Figures 1 and 2. Although structurally younger than its OECD counterparts, half a century of declining birth rates and increasing longevity mean that the New Zealand population will...

Mar 2012
As the policy challenges of dealing simultaneously with an ageing population, increased costs of health care and welfare benefits, and economic and fiscal constraints, an increased expectation for self-funding in relation to retirement income is being encouraged in New Zealand. At the same time, there is recognition that...

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