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Dec 2011
This study reports on the Māori data collected as part of a research project on the children of prisoners carried out in 2009 and 2010, for Pillars, a community organisation that works with the families of prisoners. It begins with the voices of four tamariki who each have a parent in prison. They tell us...

This literature and research review looked at the status of domestic violence interventions in Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, United States and New Zealand (2012).

Jun 2016
A study of New Zealand prisoners conducted by the Department of Corrections in 1999 showed that up to 70 percent had drug and/or alcohol problems and a significant proportion had various mental health issues. However, that research didn’t consider the co-existence of mental health issues and drug/alcohol  problems, which...

Jan 2010
This paper considers the case for criminalisation of hard-core cartel behaviour. Two frameworks are applied for considering the issue: retributive justice and deterrence (so as to minimise the social loss). The conclusion is reached that hard-core cartel behaviour has a serious moral dimension and that criminalisation of the...

30 Jun 2013
This is the final report of a three-phased formative evaluation of the Mothers with Babies (MWB) units, undertaken for the Department of Corrections (the Department) from late 2011 to early 2013.

Jul 2010
The report outlines the nature and extent of prisoners' poor health, the contribution community health status makes to poor prisoner health and to imprisonment, the negative effects of imprisonment on health, and discusses reintegration and reoffending.

Jul 2011
This literature review examines human rights issues relating to New Zealand prisons, primarily in relation to the period 2004-2010.  The period has been one of significant change.  The report includes an outline of the legal and regulatory framework; developments in legislation and case law; and discussion of human rights issues...

Mar 2006
This report presents the key points of the 2005 Ministry of Justice Annual Prison Population Forecast: The predicted prison population (male and female). Basic elements of the forecasting model. Issues and limitations of the 2005 forecast.

Like many other countries, New Zealand forecasts prison population numbers annually. The forecast is a key instrument for strategic planning within the Justice Sector. It is used to plan prison capacity needed for the future. In addition to setting out the forecast, this summary highlights two aspects of the...

Justice sector agencies produce an annual forecast of the numbers of people held in prison for an eight year period. It projects the numbers of people expected to be held on remand awaiting trial or serving prison sentences. It draws on recent trends as well as the best available estimates of how those trends may change in...

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