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Sep 2010
Young people taking part in a Māori Youth Summit in Hamilton in September 2010 were invited to respond to a set of questions about what’s important for young Māori right now.  This survey was part of a wider consultation that the Ministry of Youth Development is carrying out with young people across New Zealand to find out what...

1 Jan 2008
This pilot study that explores what māori whānau talk about in their everyday lives and how such talk contributes to whānau socialisation.  

2 Nov 2010
Whānau Ora Integrated Services Delivery is a case study research that is focused on defining and describing the term ‘whānau ora integrated services delivery’ by drawing on specific examples and models of practice. This project has taken a case study approach to illustrate the key features of whānau ora integrated service...

Jul 2014
In July 2014 the then Minister of Whānau Ora, Minister Turia presented this Whānau Ora Achievements Report in the House. The report summarises the achievements of Whānau Ora over the four years it had been in place.  The report also includes success stories, the commissioning approach and future priorities....

1 Jul 2006
This report considers the use of the māori word 'whānau' in social policy-making, details the personal reactions of participants to various forms and derivations of whānau, and highlights problems when using the term in legislation and policy. This small qualitative study into whānau was funded by...

Nov 2012
The purpose of this review was to study evidence from five major domains of endeavour to identify a common set of interventions, initiatives, approaches and practices that increases understanding of what helps Maori succeed or improve outcomes in life. The investigation concentrated on reviewing studies that produced evidence...

19 May 2015
 What Works: Parenting Programmes Effective with Whānau has been designed for policy analysts, programme developers and/or funders to provide information on kaupapa Māori and culturally adapted parenting and whānau development programmes, to inform policy and programme development. Kaupapa Māori programmes...

11 Sep 2012
This report examines how to deliver health equality for Māori and a workforce that demonstrates cultural competence. It is one of 13 forecasts commissioned by Health Workforce New Zealand to build a picture of the future health workforce.

Sep 2015
The first phase of Whānau Ora (2010 – 2015) has focused on strengthening provider capability to design and deliver whānau-centred approaches. This report presents findings from the research and monitoring programmes undertaken during the first phase to determine: which components...

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