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Jun 2015
This report summarises the findings from case studies of seven schools that are part of the Positive Behaviour for Learning School-Wide (PB4L-SW) initiative. Schools were selected for their effective practice. In this report, commonalities and differences in practice are summarised, and key themes are illustrated by short...

Sep 2011
The New Zealand Ministry of Education has published a best evidence synthesis iteration (BES) that identifies the characteristics of teacher professional development that makes a positive difference for valued student outcomes. A companion best evidence synthesis iteration (BES) that identifies the leadership influences on...

The 2013 Disability Survey is going to collect information about both: disabled people  people who do not have a disability. The information will help us know: how many disabled people live in New Zealand ...

17 Sep 2015
Auckland’s economic success important for New Zealand New Zealand’s economic future hinges, to a large extent, on Auckland’s economic success. For Auckland to reach its full potential it needs a highly skilled workforce who can confidently manage their own career pathways. The partners in...

Apr 2012
This paper examines the determinants of firms’ skill shortages, using a specially-designed survey, the Business Strategy and Skills (BSS) module of the Business Operations Survey. We combine the BSS module with additional data on firms in the Statistics New Zealand’s prototype Longitudinal Business Database (LBD). We focus on...

Mar 2014
Variation in medical practice has become a major topic of inquiry for health services researchers. Investigators have frequently documented variation in the way in which health services are delivered, both among individual clinicians and across geographic areas, and have found that such variation often cannot be explained by...

Jul 2008
There is a limited number of areas where it is clear that increasing the number of people with trade, technical or professional qualifications would definitely reduce skill shortages.  These areas are in engineering, building and medical professions. Demand in these areas has been driven by increased use of technology, increased...

Jun 2009
This is report is the last in a series of three reports looking at the supply of and demand for advanced trade, technical and professional qualifications.

Feb 2012
This review focuses on research that considers the role of alcohol in causing injury and the effectiveness of educational and environmental strategies in preventing alcohol-related injury. It should be read in the context of other research on the effectiveness of policies and interventions directed at alcohol-related harm...

Sep 2008
Changes to youth minimum wage legislation in New Zealand together with steady increases in minimum wages since 2001 have contributed to substantial increases in the minimum wages for teenage workers, and significant increases in the number of teen workers earning at or near minimum wages. With these changes as a backdrop, this...

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