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Nov 2017
Invited paper for the International Bureau of Education - UNESCO Project: Rethinking and repositioning curriculum in the 21st century: A global paradigm shift. Evidence, Data and Knowledge, Ministry of Education, Wellington: New Zealand.

The Zooming in on Learning in the Digital Age (ZILDA) research programme aims to 'zoom in' - or dig down deeper - into issues surrounding 'digital age learning'. The goal of the first phase of the ZILDA research was to zoom in on the views and experiences of 'digital age learners...

Government has the goal of having by 2007, all 15 to 19 year olds in work, education or training, or other activities that contribute to their long term economic independence and wellbeing. The goal is shared with the Mayors’ Taskforce for Jobs. The Department of Labour, the Ministries of Social Development...

Jan 2005
Youth transition services aim to assist young people to make the transition from school into further education, training or employment. This report presents key development and operational lessons from three youth transition services Taranaki Connections in Waitara The Pulse in...

Feb 2010
This report provides participation and labour market outcome analysis of the Youth Training  programme between 1999 and 2008, using the Youth Training  administrative dataset. This is the first time this information has been made available in a single analysis. The report provides analyses of participation in the programme, and...

Pathways and Prospects is a 4-year study of young people's pathway and career experiences and perspectives after leaving school and entering study/training and the workforce. This report analyses two years worth of in-depth interviews with 114 young people in employment, the army, apprenticeship,...

Apr 2009
Social Work Now, Issue 42, pages 5-11. Working with young people is tremendously rewarding. Few professional areas of social work provide the kind of practice potential that connecting with young people can – the vibrancy and creativity of young people can be harnessed to nurture a...

Mar 2010
This paper examines the characteristics and education and training patterns of adults in employment who have low literacy or numeracy skills. It provides information on: their personal and job characteristics and their use of literacy and numeracy skills at work where they are...

Oct 2015
Women at work: 1991–2013 uses census data from the 20 years to 2013 to look at trends in occupational segregation between women and men. The report is intended to be useful to readers, researchers and policy-makers who have an interest in gender pay gap and labour market issues. This...

Dec 2008
Social Work Now, Issue 41, pages 19-27. For every child, education is critical to successful transition to adulthood. The need of foster children for a stable education, however, is often neglected by an overburdened child welfare system that is concerned primarily with children...

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