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Aug 2005
This paper reviews the literature on what people value in employment and on methods of measuring the quality of employment, with a view to measuring it in New Zealand. In New Zealand’s current labour market context of skill and labour shortages, historically low unemployment, people working long hours, an ageing population,...

Sep 2007
Raising productivity and growth is high on the New Zealand Government’s growth agenda and has been so for some time. Across the economy as a whole, while growth has been strong, this has largely been driven by increases in labour input, while productivity performance has been described as “lacklustre” (OECD, 2007a). Average...

Feb 2015
There is international interest in changes in the labour income share. In part, this reflects concerns that in a number of countries, real wage growth has not kept pace with labour productivity growth in an environment of rapidly changing technology. This paper investigates changes in the labour income share in the “measured...

Nov 2015
This Cut to the Chase highlights three recent papers that use firm-level data to understand better the productivity of New Zealand firms: "Firm productivity growth and skills" by David Maré, Dean Hyslop and Richard Fabling; "Production function estimation using New Zealand’s Longitudinal Business Database" by...

5 Jun 2014
This paper investigates the proximity of firms to their customers to assess the extent to which different industries trade their output over distance within New Zealand. At the sector level, the output of the primary sector is traded across distance to the largest extent, followed by the goods-producing sector and then the...

Jan 2003
There is a wide consensus that New Zealand’s productivity has been poor despite the comprehensive market-oriented reforms of the 1980’s. This consensus is based on estimates of New Zealand’s productivity growth measured either in terms of GDP per capita or total factor productivity (TFP). TFP is typically computed using growth...

Apr 2008
The Industry Training Federation (ITF) and the Department of Labour (DoL) have embarked on a joint venture aimed at improving the ability of Industry Training Organisations to assist workplaces to raise their productivity. The starting point of this project is that the assumption that the development and effective utilisation of...

May 2007
This paper reports the findings of a feasibility study in which data from the Annual Enterprise Survey (AES) were linked to data from the Linked Employer-Employee Database (LEED) and enterprise-level measures of labour productivity and financial performance were constructed. An assessment was then made of the strengths and...

Jun 2015
This paper examines the impact of government assistance through R&D grants on innovation output for firms in New Zealand. Using a large database that links administrative and tax data with survey data, we are able to control for large number of firm characteristics and thus minimise selection bias. We find that receipt...

Oct 2017
This paper presents the results from an evaluation of the impact of New Zealand Government R&D grants on the performance of New Zealand firms. The analysis uses information on grants and firm performance from 2004 to 2012 available in Statistics New Zealand’s Longitudinal Business Database. Grant recipients are matched...

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