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Jul 2014
This exploratory study considers the feasibility of measuring New Zealand senior secondary (Years 12/13) students' "international capabilities". Building on background work undertaken by the Ministry's International Division, the methodology had three components. Analysis of New Zealand and international...

May 2008
Demand for people in the workplace with advanced skills is increasing.  Having more people with advanced qualifications is one part of the solution. This report finds that the areas of study where there is high unmet demand for advanced qualifications include information technology, engineering, building and health.

Feb 2013
This report analyses the performance of the Centres of Research Excellence (CoREs) across five dimensions – the impact of the CoRE’s on the New Zealand economy and society, research quality, research collaboration, the academic impact of research and knowledge transfer.

Mar 2012
This occasional paper uses new data from the University Commercialisation Offices of New Zealand to look at trends in the commercialisation of university research in New Zealand. The paper discusses the importance of research to innovation and hence, to economic growth. If also discusses aspects of the current university...

Feb 2010
This report updates and extends an article that was first published in Profile and Trends 2007 (Ministry of Education, 2008). It provides an overview of the information and literature relating to the link between tertiary education, skills and productivity in New Zealand.

Jul 2009
This report examines historical enrolment data to analyse the association between the economic cycle and participation in senior secondary school and in tertiary education.

Jun 2009
This is report is the last in a series of three reports looking at the supply of and demand for advanced trade, technical and professional qualifications.

Jun 2009
This study models demand for tertiary education between 2009 and 2025 based on underlying population trends and three scenarios with different assumptions about how rates of participation in tertiary education might vary.

Apr 2009
This report examines industry training administrative datasets to determine the feasibility of their use for analytical purposes. It finds that the industry training data,  despite some flaws, is suitable for use for identifying key trends in industry training, and for wider analyses.

30 Jun 2008
This publication/resource contains material which was developed with funding from the Export Education levy and managed by Education New Zealand on behalf of the Ministry of Education (© Crown).

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