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Mar 2013
As elsewhere, New Zealand faces major challenges in successfully managing the trend known as ‘population ageing’ (Jackson, 2007), illustrated at Figures 1 and 2. Although structurally younger than its OECD counterparts, half a century of declining birth rates and increasing longevity mean that the New Zealand population will...

Nov 2011
This study was to understand what employers were currently doing in New Zealand to attract and retain women in male-dominated trades and to learn more about the benefits of having women in what have been traditionally male-dominated industries. 

12 Feb 2015
This report highlights the impact obesity has on our economic, social, cultural and environmental well-being. At an individual and family level it can affect our income levels, educational achievement, self-esteem and social participation. As a society it affects how our taxes are used in government subsidies and even...

Feb 2015
There is international interest in changes in the labour income share. In part, this reflects concerns that in a number of countries, real wage growth has not kept pace with labour productivity growth in an environment of rapidly changing technology. This paper investigates changes in the labour income share in the “measured...

20 Sep 2011
More than 250 delegates attended a Victory Village Forum in Nelson, July 27–29, 2011. The forum aimed to showcase the Victory Community — ‘Kiwibank New Zealand Community of the Year’ in 2010 — and share information about family-centred, community-led development. The three-day forum, organised by Victory...

This research, by ESITO, shares the stories of nine women in the electricity supply industry. The aim of the research is to gain a better understanding of how the electricity supply industry can develop strategies for a more diverse workforce.

Aug 2011
This research provides information for New Zealand Secondary schools interested in, or currently active in, the German market. The report covers a breakdown of the main variations between the states, detail on the recent change from 13 years down to 12, expectations of German high schools for students returning from offshore...

May 2012
This report, prepared by the EEO Trust for the Ministry of Women's Affairs details case studies of six New Zealand companies' work on gender diversity. 

Apr 2012
The purpose of this paper is to examine the impact of skill shortages on the supply of training within New Zealand firms. The study uses a specially designed survey, the Business Strategy and Skills (BSS) module of the Business Operations Survey 2008 (BOS 2008). The paper evaluates the impact of skills shortages on the incidence...

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